(Minghui.org) I use the RTC platform to call people in China and advise them to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. During the past week, the number of people who quit the CCP as a result of my phone calls was sometimes only one person a day, or even none.

Many of those I called hung up. I was a little worried. I looked inward, but the only thing I found was that I handled the responsibility of making phone calls like a job and conveyed the truth-clarification messages like I was reading an announcement.

A newcomer to the RTC platform shared with me a few days ago: “When you made phone calls, I thought that you did not embody the power of compassion. It sometimes gave me a didactic feeling. I was a little nervous to make phone calls with you. I suggest that you go to the training room and work with the practitioners there for a few days.”

I accepted what the practitioner said on the surface, but felt very uncomfortable inside. My human notions and righteous thoughts were in a fierce battle with each other.

I believed that I was experienced in making phone calls. I have often been praised by fellow practitioners, and I trained new ones. How could I go to the training room for a few days. Am I really that bad?

But this practitioner was so sincere. She told me that she had summoned all her courage to say this to me. She was in the training room only a short time ago and thought the trainers there were very good and compassionate so she recommended them to me. She did not have the slightest disdain towards me, and I realized I should really thank her for trying to help me.

I continued to look inward, and found myself lacking kindness and compassion towards sentient beings and the other practitioners on the platform. I was very picky and harsh towards practitioners who did not meet my expectations when clarifying the facts. I became more attached to my own perceptions and formed negative thoughts in my mind.

When I pointed out other practitioners' shortcomings, it was triggered by my human notions, which I imposed on others. I was not kind, I showed off and always thought that I was better than others at making phone calls.

I was not humble enough to think that I could learn from other practitioners and improve myself, and I didn't see the positive aspects in others. I didn't recognize the hard work they had done and only focused on pointing out their problems kindly.

After realized this, when I made phone calls the next day, my tone became softer, and the number of people who quit the CCP increased. I really felt that I was truly being kind to sentient beings and not preaching to them.