(Minghui.org) Practitioners come to learn Falun Gong in different ways. One was a stubborn man who refused to accept Falun Gong even though his family recommended it to him many times. A diagnosis of an incurable cancer, however, made him rethink his decision.

“I am now 60 and started to learn Falun Gong three years ago. My wife, son, and daughter all began their practice in 2005. But, influenced by the Chinese Communist Party's propaganda of hate, I had no interest at all.

“Instead, I often yelled at my wife, 'Don't talk to me about Falun Gong; otherwise, I will divorce you!' Because of my anger and bad attitude, my family had to read Falun Gong books and do the exercises behind my back.

“The turning point came one day in August of 2001. I was in a car accident and broke nine ribs. I was able to return to work in a few weeks and did not pay much attention to it. Soon, however, a small lump started to grow on my bottom and it became bigger and bigger. When I finally went to see a doctor seven months later, a medical examination showed it was a 6-inch tumor. I had surgery to remove it in March 2012.

“Follow-up pathological tests showed the surgery did not go well. The tumor was a malignant fibrous histiocytoma, a rare cancer. Another surgery was performed within days. Three days later, my doctor said the cancer was untreatable and sent me back home.

“My health continued to deteriorate. Three weeks later, I had pain all over and was unable to raise my hands or take care of myself. My wife discussed this with the doctor, who said he was helpless. 'There is nothing we can do about it,' he said to her. 'You can give him some pain relievers if he is in too much pain. Based on his current situation, he has another three months to live, at most.'

“Unlike in the United States and many other countries, doctors in China usually tell the real situation of a severely-ill patient to the family and not the patient. Hearing this, my wife and family were devastated. With biopsy samples from the tumor, she went to Beijing Cancer Hospital and the General Hospital of Shenyang Military, which came to the same conclusion.

“My family looked everywhere to find a solution. Nothing was coming up.

“I still did not know the real situation and thought I had a good chance for recovery. But things got worse day after day. I was in constant pain whether I sat up or laid down. I was unable to sleep.

“During those days, my wife continued to tell me about Falun Gong, especially its health benefits. I yelled her as I did before. 'Don't tell me those things. If Falun Gong can cure all illnesses, why do we still need doctors and hospitals?'

“One day she sat down with me for a serious talk. 'We are working with our insurance company about your life insurance.' Seeing my confusion, my wife told me that my cancer was much worse than I thought and it was incurable. She then showed me detailed medical examination results from various hospitals.

“I was in tears. Just as I was about to discuss final arrangements, my wife interrupted me. 'At this point, only Falun Gong can save you.' Seeing me not refusing, she said, 'Let's have dinner first. After that I will read to you Zhuan Falun [the main teaching of Falun Gong]. Okay?'

“I was touched by her sincerity and replied, 'Good idea. Let's do it!'

“Surprisingly, I was able to eat normally during that meal, something I had not been able to do for a long time. When my wife read Zhuan Falun to me, I fell asleep before she finished the first chapter. For the first time in many months, I was able to sleep through the whole night.

“But the next day I still had doubts. 'There are so many medicines in the hospital now. How do you know none of them will work for me?' Seeing me not convinced, my wife and I went to the hospital again. Looking at examination results and hearing the doctor's opinions, I was speechless.

“We continued to read Zhuan Falun after returning home. I found it very profound and many sections resonated with me. 'I must finish reading this book in the time I have to live!'

“Two days later, I began to do the exercises. Amazingly, I felt as if a warm current was circulating inside my body, especially in my arms. I could soon use my hands and move my waist as before. I regained my health.

“One night I had a dream. I had a suitcase and was walking with my wife. She walked very fast and I could barely keep up with her. Then the suitcase became worn and its contents fell out, one by one. I had to hurry and did not pay attention to what was in the suitcase. When we arrived at a gate, the suitcase was totally gone. We passed through the gate to a new and beautiful world.

“I was very touched and grateful to Teacher for waking me up. He saved me from this earthly world, despite my attachments to fame, material interest, and stubbornness.

“Now I am very healthy and energetic. These positive changes in me also made people look at Falun Gong in a new light. Some decided to quit the Chinese communist organizations so that they are no longer associated with its persecution policy against Falun Gong. Some even began to read Zhuan Falun and do the exercises, too.