Birth of My Grandson

My daughter was married several years ago. She very much wanted to have a baby, but had not been able to conceive. The entire family was concerned, and her mother-in-law frequently asked her, “When will I get a grandchild?” My daughter and her husband had seen several doctors, but none were able to find a reason why she couldn't get pregnant.

When I realized how serious the situation was I told them both to repeat the words “Falun Dafa is good.” I told them that repeating these words can solve any problem, as long as they repeat the words sincerely every day. So they agreed to do it.

One month later, my daughter was pregnant.

Her pregnancy was proceeding normally until her last three months, when the doctor told her that the baby was not in the correct position, and that the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck. A month later when the situation had not changed the doctor told her that she would need to have a caesarean section.

When she told me this I told her not to worry, and again encouraged her to repeat “Falun Dafa is good” sincerely and that Master will help. I told her to have a strong belief in Dafa.

On her next visit to the doctor, with her due date close, all was well. The baby's position was good and the umbilical cord was no longer around the baby's neck. The doctor was surprised, as everything had returned to normal.

Just a few days later, my daughter gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Master Saved My Husband

My husband and I have been married for more than 40 years. His health had always been good until last spring when he started having a high fever. A doctor in our county hospital told him that he had a gallstone and needed a simple operation.

Our two children insisted that he get a second opinion at a larger hospital. The doctor there also said the same thing.

During surgery the doctors couldn't locate the gallstone. When I heard this I realized that his illness was not real, it was interference. I told my children that we should take him home, but they insisted he stay in the hospital for further treatment.

My husband stayed in the provincial hospital for 40 days, and underwent four different surgeries. He became very weak.

I wanted him to listen to Master's lectures but my children were scared to do this in a public hospital.

His health continued to deteriorate and he was even having difficulty speaking. He then slipped into a coma. After five days in a coma, the doctors told us to prepare for the worst.

We took him back to the local county hospital, where he was in an intensive care unit. One day later, his face became swollen and the IV therapy was no longer effective. Doctors said there no hope for his recovery.

We took my husband home. More than 20 relatives came to see him, for what they thought was the last time.

I knelt down in front of Master's photo and asked Master to help. I played the recording of Master's lecture to my husband. We continued listening non-stop until the next morning.

At around 9:00 a.m., after seven days in a coma, my husband woke up!

Thank you Master for saving my husband!

The incisions from his surgeries became infected, so we took him to the county hospital. This time my children did not hesitate to let him listen to Master's lectures while in the hospital ward. My husband kept repeating the words “Falun Dafa is good.”

Just two weeks later, he had completely recovered.

All of our relatives who witnessed Dafa's miracle even quit the Chinese Communist Party.

My husband learned the power of Dafa. He knew that Master had given him his life back. He said he would study Master's Fa well, follow the Fa, and repay Master's mercy.