(Minghui.org) I will never forget March 9, 1997, the day I found Falun Dafa. This is the day I was given a new life.

I once had many illnesses: congenital heart disease, cholecystitis, shoulder periarthritis, peritenonitis, back problems, stomach problems, insomnia, dizziness, and migraines. The migraines were particularly stubborn and nothing helped, even though I tried all kinds of medications.

As time went by, the migraines worsened and I could hardly sleep when the headaches came. It was a vicious cycle. My face was sallow, with brown marks everywhere. Even though I was only in my 40s, my hair turned completely gray and I looked like a 70-year-old.

My poor health prevented me from earning an income. All our savings were spent on my medical treatment. My family was living a very hard life with little material comfort. Life was so difficult, I just wanted to die.

I had no spiritual belief because I had been brainwashed by the Chinese Communist Party. Despite this and out of desperation, I went to a Falun Gong practice site near my home on March 9, 1997.

As I started to do the second exercise, I began to vomit uncontrollably. By the time I finished the exercise, I felt extremely weak all over. I didn’t know how I managed to get home. I dropped into bed and slept for three days and nights. When I awoke, my insomnia and painful migraines were gone. It was truly miraculous!

I visited a veteran Falun Gong practitioner straight away and told her that I wanted to read Dafa books. She gave me a copy of Zhuan Falun. It was a wonderful book and cleared away all my confusion. I understood that we live in human society to return to our true selves. I learned why people get sick and how to live an illness-free life, and most importantly, I understood how to become a good person.

Two months after I started reading Zhuan Falun, all my illness symptoms were gone. My complexion became fine and rosy with no marks. My hair gradually turned black again. I felt like a young woman, with endless energy.

“You Are the Most Trustworthy”

I used to work as a shop assistant. A common practice for shop assistants was to do an inventory at the end of each month. If any money was left over, we would use it to buy items for ourselves. I did the same. When we wanted to buy anything, we did not pay cash, but bartered among each other with the items we were selling.

After I started practicing Falun Dafa, I conducted myself according to the Fa principles. I worked out the value of the items that I had taken before, and paid it back to my workplace.

“Don’t worry about what happened in the past. It’ll be fine if we don’t do this any more,” my colleague said.

“I'm now a Dafa practitioner and should do things according to the Fa's requirements with no hedging,” I said.

Seeing how I conducted myself according to the Fa's principles, my manager asked me to handle the incoming money. We needed to check the accounts every day. Sometimes, shop assistants lost their sale tickets and the cashier would end up with extra money.

Some cashiers would take that extra money home without telling the shop assistants concerned, but I never did this. When I had extra money, I would tell the shop assistants and ask them to find the sale tickets. If they could not find them, I would help them write one up.

Later, our workplace closed down and we all lost our jobs. Some of my colleagues started their own businesses and wanted me to manage their stores. They would say, “You are the most trustworthy because you practice Falun Gong.”

Resolving Family Conflicts

As long as I could remember, my mother would hit me. Since I was a child, she seemed full of resentment whenever she saw me. She would hit me with a metal hook, which gave me new wounds every day.

I did many chores in and around the home. I did the shopping, drew and carried water from the well, maintained the yard, and did all the cooking. My mom never seemed to care about me. In order to get away from her, I got married at a young age.

As the youngest in his family, my husband was lazy, irresponsible, and selfish. He would often keep what he earned to himself. We argued about this and I would often go to his workplace to get his paycheck.

Finally, I decided to divorce him. But, for some reason, we just did not get around to it. I hated my mother and my husband, and was in tears all day long. My health deteriorated and I developed all sorts of illnesses. I spent all my money on medical treatment, and life felt like hell.

Then I began to practice Falun Dafa, and I changed into a different person.

Master said,

“In cultivation practice, there may be two scenarios when dealing with specific conflicts or when others treat you badly. One is that you might have treated this person badly in your previous life. You feel in your heart that it is unfair, 'How can this person treat me like this?' Then why did you treat this person that way in the past? You might claim that you actually did not know it at that time, and this life has nothing to do with the other life. That does not work. There is another issue. In conflicts, the issue of transforming karma is involved. Therefore, in dealing with specific conflicts we should be forgiving instead of acting like ordinary people.” (Zhuan Falun)

I understood that there were karmic reasons for why my mom and husband treated me badly. It was because I was indebted to them from previous lives and I shouldn’t hate them. Now that I’m a Falun Gong practitioner, I must conduct myself based on the requirements of the Fa.

I started visiting my mom, whom I had not seen in almost ten years. I bought her the food and clothing she liked. I helped her with household chores. Gradually she began to be nice to me. When she was sick and in the hospital, I took good care of her.

My brother’s wife would often say to her family and friends, “Since my sister-in-law became a Falun Dafa practitioner, she has never argued with us. When my mother-in-law is sick, she rushes to take care of her and does not even tell us about what she did.”

I also stopped arguing with my husband. I no longer got angry about our money problems, nor did I complain about his behavior. Our family life is now filled with happiness and harmony.

My husband now says to his colleagues, “Since my wife learned Falun Dafa, she no longer fights with me or complains about me. She has also fully recovered from her poor health. Falun Dafa is truly amazing.”

My Daughter Benefits from Falun Dafa

“Falun Dafa is really good,” I said to my daughter. “You ought to read the book, too.”

Even though she did not take up the practice, she read Zhuan Falun and found its teachings very good. But she also benefits simply because she thinks the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance are good and she supports me in my practice.

My daughter has not had to go to the doctor since 1997 and seldom takes medicine, as she is so healthy. After she graduated from the university, she wanted to work in Beijing. We didn’t know anyone in Beijing and had no connections.

To our surprise, she found a great job in Beijing with very good pay. She was promoted three times in short order, and her pay increased accordingly.

My daughter often says that she never dreamed of having such a good job. I know that all this comes from Dafa and that Master has helped her.