(Minghui.org) My husband and I are both in our early 80s. When we first started practicing Dafa, we experienced many situations that made us change into different people, and many others took up the practice after witnessing our changes.

Finding Falun Dafa

I was introduced to Falun Dafa during the autumn season. I felt trapped in our home and needed to get outside, so I asked my husband to come along for a walk. However, I still kept feeling claustrophobic wherever I went. We walked for a long time, but I still felt trapped. Finally, I decided to visit my upstairs neighbors.

They were listening to an audiotape. After I asked if this was a leader making a speech, they said that this was a lecture recording from the founder of Falun Dafa, Master Li Hongzhi, whom practitioners call Master. I decided to listen and no longer felt claustrophobic after a while.

I told my husband about the recording the next evening and asked him to go with me to the neighbor's home. He also felt that the lecture was really great. We decided to start practicing Dafa that evening.

Experiencing the Spiritual

As the oldest of seven children in a poor family, I did not attend school and was illiterate.

It was difficult because I had to rely on fellow practitioners to read Dafa books to me. Additionally, I could not understand the meaning of what they read. However, I experienced inexplicable things that showed me that Dafa is magnificent.

For example, I saw three objects flying towards me. When it was in front of me, it started rotating. It then formed a colorful basket and continued to rotate. I went to a fellow practitioner's home, explained what I had seen, and asked if I had gone awry. He said, “Your fundamental qualities are great. What you've seen is a Falun.” I asked him, “What is a Falun [law wheel]?” He replied, “What you are practicing is called Falun Dafa.”

After that, I saw wonderful scenes in other dimensions. Just before going to sleep one night, beautiful young people surrounded me and said, “Do not go to sleep. Other people [referring to fellow practitioners] are studying the Falun Dafa books. Just study the Fa well. Then, you should save sentient beings.”

This last remark was a mystery to me, but fellow practitioners explained to me the meaning of sentient beings. They also told me that it was important to study the Fa, by which they meant to study the principles taught by Dafa.

When I worried about not being able to read, fellow practitioners told me, “Just listen to the Fa, and Master will take care of you. You will be able to recognize the Chinese characters and read the books.”

Wish Comes True

I joined the Fa study group in my area and was lost when they read the Dafa books. I just could not understand what they were reading. When I held Zhuan Falun in my hands, I felt terrible and almost burst into tears. I wanted to read and understand this Dafa book. No matter how difficult, I was determined to learn to read.

My husband tried to teach me to read and asked Master to give me wisdom so that I could read Zhuan Falun. I had a dream, where Master touched the top of my head several times.

After that, I could see Chinese characters everywhere, on the wall, ground, and even in the air. Every character was huge. I couldn't read those characters, but they looked very beautiful and were neatly arranged.

To help me learn, my husband read one sentence at a time in Zhuan Falun, and I repeated it. In less than half a year, I could read all of the Dafa books and recite Lunyu [the opening of Zhuan Falun].

Eventually, I could read all of the Dafa books as well as an educated person.

Physical Changes

Before practicing Dafa, I was in ill health. Amazingly, several days after I stepped into the practice, all of my ailments were gone.

My husband and I are in very good health now. Our complexions are rosy. Most of my husband's white hair has turned black. We walk with little effort and are light on our feet. Many people thought that we were 20 years younger and could not believe when we told them our real age.

Many people learned about Falun Dafa from us. We have benefited greatly, and one can write a book about all that we have experienced since the day we started to practice Dafa.