(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners released from labor camps or prisons need immediate help from fellow practitioners to return to diligent cultivation.

Released practitioners can generally be divided into two groups: those who “transformed” due to torture and turned against other practitioners, and those who held firmly to their faith and refused to submit.

“Transformed” practitioners complied with the evil and betrayed Dafa by writing a statement of “repentance.” After signing the statement, many of these practitioners were then coerced into torturing and spying on other practitioners.

In my view, before these transformed practitioners publish a solemn statement on Minghui.org to nullify their so-called repentance, they are no longer Falun Dafa practitioners, because they betrayed their consciences and Buddha.

If they don't immediately realize their situation and write a solemn statement to return to Dafa, they are in real danger. Master doesn't want to lose a single disciple, so we must extend our help to save these people.

The second group, those practitioners who refused to comply with the evil, also need help. Specifically, they need a safe place to study the Fa and share with fellow practitioners.

Practitioners must not praise these practitioners for withstanding the persecution, as that could increase their attachments. They were persecuted because they had a major attachment or xinxing problems. We need to help them to find the attachment or problem that led to their detention and help them improve.

Besides, even though many of them withstood the pressure to “transform,” they didn't necessary behave like a practitioner in prison. Being in an evil environment for a long time, many practitioners' xinxing levels dropped. For example, some developed a short temper and didn't behave or speak like practitioners at all. They need a good environment to study the Fa and do the exercises to catch up.

Several practitioners including me are examples of what can happen to released practitioners.

I was sentenced to forced labor and later jailed, but didn't write a repentance statement.

When I was released, fellow practitioners visited me and brought me Master's new scriptures and Fa-teachings. They also shared with me the reason why I was persecuted.

I still harbored a lot of fear, although I was not aware of it. I planned to wait six months before writing about the horrible things that happened to me in prison and in the labor camp and sending it to Minghui. After fellow practitioners shared with me and local coordinators encouraged me, I submitted a timely article with details about the persecution to Minghui.

Mr. "Liu" was steadfast and never yielded to the evil's coercion. When he was released from prison, he also had a lot of fear. He couldn't concentrate when he studied the Fa. Fellow practitioners studied the Fa with him and his health returned.

Ms. "He" was “transformed” at a brainwashing center, where I was also detained. She was one of the “transformed” practitioners assigned to work on persuading me to give up my belief. I didn't and was released a few months after her release.

Due to my fear, I didn't help her. I recently learned that she stopped practicing.

Mr. "Lin" had previously been arrested and “transformed.” Whe he was arrested again, I told him not to comply with the evil this time, but he still did. He was later diagnosed with cancer and released on medical parole. He didn't submit a solemn statement to renounce his “repentance” on the Minghui website. He moved to another province. Local practitioners heard recently that he died.

Right before Ms. "Song" obtained the Fa, the hospital had sent her home to die from cancer. Falun Dafa saved her.

When the persecution started in 1999, she was arrested and “transformed.” She eventually returned to Dafa, but was jailed again a few years later. She “transformed” again under duress.

While in jail, her cancer resurfaced, so she was released on medical parole. She continued to cooperate with the authorities after she was released and acted as an informant by spying on other practitioners. She didn't tell practitioners that she had “transformed,” and fellow practitioners were afraid to ask her.

This continued for about a year. When she was dying, a relative asked her if she had any regrets. She said, “Yes, I have one regret. I have not written a solemn statement to revoke my 'transformation' yet.” Fortunately, she completed her solemn statement before she died.