(Minghui.org) The place where we hold activities to raise awareness about Falun Dafa is also where we teach the exercises to the public. To improve on the ways used to raise awareness at tourist attraction sites, we designed a convenient, easy-to-carry, mobile display panel by using a lightweight suitcase. We call it “Little Lotus Flower” (please see the photos below).

We feel that it serves several purposes. It is convenient, easy to move about and to set up, as well as pleasant to the eye. Pedestrians and tourists stop and read the posters on the displays. And for those with no time to stop, at least they can see from the displays what it is we are doing. People also take the informational materials or lotus flowers stored in a basket on top of the display.

Because the suitcase is lightweight, it's convenient to take along in a car, on the subway or when walking to different locations. It can be set up easily. Furthermore, the suitcase displays information on multiple sides for optimal visibility.

The content of the suitcase panels can be designed based on individual needs. It is not costly to make either. If every practitioner can carry his own suitcase display, it would be just like in China, where material processing sites have “blossomed” everywhere.

“Little Lotus Flower” displays

Assembling the Display

Taping the individual display parts

Everything needed for final assembly

A small basket or container for materials can be strapped to the display