The model boat is 20 inches high and 22 inches long.
The boat carries profound meaning regarding the purpose of human life: Since ancient times we have reincarnated many times. Lifetime after lifetime, riding the sea of bitterness, few people have made it through to the other side, the shore of happiness. In this lifetime we are fortunate to have Master, who is spreading Dafa and offering supreme salvation.

Master enlightens us, inspires our benevolent thoughts, and heightens our wisdom. He leads his disciples through powerful windstorms and roiling waves to help us return to our true homes that we left eons ago. Surviving tragedy and disasters, we thank Master for his merciful care so that we can sail safely to our destination.

The boat is filled with flowers and blooming lotuses made of silk. They symbolize our compassionate hearts, which are like flowers in full bloom under Master's merciful strengthening. As we display the beauty of Falun Dafa, our hearts are filled with the hope that sentient beings will have good thoughts about Dafa so they can board the boat safely, riding through the sea of bitterness to salvation.