(Minghui.org) My daughter was unable to conceive for some time. A visit to the hospital uncovered cysts on both of her fallopian tubes. The cysts were surgically removed, but they returned, and subsequent treatment was ineffective.

Some said that ovarian cysts would not seriously impact the chances of one getting pregnant, and my daughter did become pregnant in late 2009. But she soon started bleeding and eventually miscarried. Another pregnancy two years later ended the same way, even though she was admitted to the hospital early in her pregnancy as an added precaution.

Trusting in Modern Medicine

On her third pregnancy, I hurried over the minute I heard she was bleeding. To avoid another miscarriage, my daughter and son-in-law engaged a number of medical specialists and bought several thousand yuan worth of traditional Chinese medicines. They even obtained a powerful drug that could stop the hemorrhaging.

However, this drug could only be taken up to a maximum of 3 doses.

My daughter took one dose that afternoon, and the bleeding stopped immediately. The bleeding resumed the next day, and she was forced to take the second dose. This stemmed the bleeding for a while before it resumed in less than a day.

My daughter was forced to take the last dose, anxiously hoping that this final dose would effectively cure her. The next morning, she started bleeding again, and her symptoms only worsened in the afternoon.

My daughter was close to despair. Lying in her bed, she sadly asked me, “Is it my fate to be unable to bear a child?”

Clarifying the Truth to My Daughter

During the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) malicious persecution of Falun Dafa, my daughter was one of those who was poisoned by the Party’s lies. In the past, she resisted my attempts to clarify the facts to her; she would quickly cut me off. Now I started to explain to her the hardships of life under the CCP, presenting the facts from her point of view.

I urged her to declare null and void the disrespectful words and deeds she had said and done against Dafa. Finally, she smiled and said, “I believe Dafa is good. From now on, I will support Dafa practitioners.”

Dafa’s Miraculous Cure

Coincidentally, her aunt, who is also a Dafa practitioner, called that same day and asked if she could bring over a few other practitioners to visit. My daughter agreed when she realized that they wished to study the Fa in her home.

We had our group Fa study in her bedroom. As we read, all traces of worry and fear vanished from my daughter’s face, and she soon fell into a deep sleep. She woke up as soon as we finished studying.

As I hastened to cook dinner, I heard her elated cries, “Mom, the bleeding has stopped!”

Even more amazingly, my daughter experienced a strange and copious discharge the following day. Master had removed her inoperable ovarian cysts, to ensure the continued healthy development of her child.

Falun Dafa Is Good

I was overcome with gratitude at Master’s boundless compassion, where a being is not judged for his past deeds, but rather his compassion for Dafa in the present.

Master had responded to my daughter’s belief in the goodness of Dafa and her support for Dafa practitioners, and helped save her child.

A healthy 8.8 pounds at birth, my grandson gave a huge smile upon seeing Master’s photo when he was only 13 days old. My daughter, son-in-law, and his entire family now strongly support and believe that Dafa is good.