(Minghui.org) I started to practice Falun Dafa with my mother when I was 13 years old in 1995. I work as an IT manager in a metropolitan city.

The Accident

It was the afternoon rush hour in December 2009. It had just snowed, and there was a thick layer of powder on the ground. Cars on the main road went by endlessly.

I left the office and walked alone down the sidewalk. All of a sudden, I heard a clanking sound from behind, like metal being dragged on concrete. In an instant, and before I had time to turn around, the object making the sound collided with me.

I went flying. It turned black and I heard a humming sound. That was all I remembered.

For what seemed like an eternity, I was floating in the sky. I saw cars zooming on the highway; they were going so fast that I could only see their blurred shapes and headlights flashing by. I saw no one else, and the streets were empty. There was no sound—the world was absolutely silent. I flew higher and higher, no suffering, no pain.

I wondered: “Am I leaving this world?” However, I recognized that I could not leave like that—I still had missions undone in this world. Acting on instinct, I called out desperately, “Master, save me! Master, save me!”

My body then lowered to the ground.

The Return

I was cold and slowly opened my eyes. I was on my side on a thick pile of snow. I was still crying, “Master, save me!” I attempted to move a little. What I saw sent chills through me: My face was inches away from a pile of sharp-edged rocks!

I stood up. My left foot felt cold. I looked at it and noticed the sole of my left boot was gone. My shoulder bag was thrown quite far.

I did not know what happened. I looked around and saw a damaged black sedan that was missing its front tires five meters from me.

From the bystanders, I learned the black car had spun onto the sidewalk and knocked me into the air. It then went down the street and came to a stop after losing both of its front wheels. The driver was speechless and, with a face as white as a ghost, just stared at me.

There were big trees with metal wire around them near where I landed. There were piles of sharp rocks scattered among the trees, yet I landed on the only pile of snow. Death would have been certain if I had gone into a tree or landed on the rocks. Master saved me. Master brought my soul back to my body and gave me my life back. I am indebted to Dafa for the life I have now.

Thank you, Master!


More and more people gathered, including my company CEO and colleagues. Traffic came to a halt. The police officer looked at the car and expected to see a dead person laying on the ground. Instead, he saw me standing and exclaimed, “Impossible—a miracle!”

My colleagues rushed me to the hospital. My left leg was fractured and my cervical vertebrae were injured. The attending physician told me that the injury to my neck injury was the worst. If not treated quickly, it could cause lifelong paralysis. They braced my neck and told me to stay in bed for three months.

My colleagues could not accept what had happened to me: a heathy young man walks out of the office and becomes bedridden in less than an hour. Of course they blamed the driver. The driver tried to find excuses for himself, which infuriated my colleagues even more. They threatened to beat him up, and then the driver's friends got in on it.

I was in bed, immobile, with a cast on my leg and a brace on my neck. I witnessed the arguments and shouting in front of me. I needed my mother, a fellow practitioner, there with me. I was in a lot of pain, and I wanted nothing else but her.

My Mother

My mother and her sister came the next day. They learned what had happened, and we talked a little. My aunt (also a practitioner) and I sent forth righteous thoughts while my mother met with my doctor. Soon after, all the intravenous fluids and medical procedures were discontinued. My mother met with my company CEO and thanked my colleagues for their care and kindness.

She then met with the driver. The driver had expressed his worries to me before--he knew he was responsible. He was especially worried about my mother's arrival. He feared that she and my employer would take him to court. (My CEO had demanded that the driver pay me 500,000 yuan [about $80,000] for damages and to pay my medical bills.)

My mother handled it differently. “We practice Falun Dafa, so we will not sue you,” she told the driver. “I heard you bought your car secondhand—that means things aren't easy for you. You need to drive more carefully in the future. Our master helps us heal, so we don't require hospitalization. Your friends here today didn't come for nothing, though, because I have important things to tell them.”

Mother told him more about Falun Dafa and the persecution. She said that quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) could save their lives.

The driver stared at my mother with his mouth open. After a long silence, he said. “Ma'am, I never thought you would be so generous and forgive me. You just sit here and rest. I'll take care of it. They will all quit the CCP.”

The driver soon returned with a piece of paper with the names of his friends and family renouncing their memberships in the CCP. A few of his friends came to meet Mother. “Seeing is believing,” they said. “Now we know what Falun Dafa is.”

After some paperwork and helping people I'd met in the hospital to understand Falun Dafa and the persecution, I made the decision to take off the cast and brace. I signed the “patient non-compliance form,” stating that I would not hold the hospital liable for my decision. I discharged myself and left.

Recovering at Home

To be honest, I did not sleep that first night I was home. I was in so much pain that I could not even turn over.

My mother and I did the Falun Dafa exercises together. We stood facing each other. The pain in my left leg surpassed the pain in my neck. It felt as if the broken bone was piercing my flesh. Drops of sweat rolled down my face. I almost reached my limit during the standing second exercise, when my whole body shook—even my breath seemed to shake.

Mother opened her eyes. She gave me one look and walked around so that we were standing back to back.

Mother told me later that there was nothing she could do to help me. She only had one thought, and that was to place her son in Master's hands!

As I swayed back and forth, I heard Master tell me softly, “Stand still.” I immediately took control of my body and stood still. I felt a strong surge of energy flow down from the top of my head. The energy formed a circle around my body and moved downward. It slowed down a bit around my neck but kept on going. As the energy reached every part of my body, I felt very comfortable and relaxed. It slowed down again when it reached the fracture on my left leg.

My whole body was engulfed in this energy. No words can describe this incredible feeling.

The pain disappeared. My heart and eyes felt bright, like they had just been washed clean. My mind was clear, too. But I restrained my happiness and finished the exercises.

Mother turned around. “Why—I can't hear you move anymore,” she said. I told her my understanding of what had happened. I even slapped my neck and leg to show her.

There is a Chinese saying: "It takes 100 days for a bone to heal." I just had a major accident. The doctor feared I might become paralyzed. And here I was— recovered by doing the Falun Dafa exercises. Its divine power manifested in my healing.

My relatives and friends used to think of us as “irrational,” but now they all believe Falun Dafa can do miracles. Indeed, Falun Dafa can do what medicine cannot, as long as we cultivate diligently. They also understood why we have refused to give up cultivating despite the persecution.


After the accident, the driver found a Dafa practitioner in his neighborhood. He asked the practitioner all the questions he had about the practice and became a practitioner himself.

As time passed, we lost contact. I still wonder how is he doing and hope he will reach the end of his cultivation path.

I have not been the most diligent, yet Master still saved my life. I must be more diligent than ever.

Let us use Master's poem as encouragement:

“There is no affect between master and discipleThe Buddha’s grace remolds Heaven and EarthWhen disciples have ample righteous thoughtsMaster has the power to turn back the tide” (“The Master-Disciple Bond” from Hong Yin Vol. II)