(Minghui.org) I am over 70 years old. My sister Hua introduced me to Falun Dafa in 1997.

I was in bad shape at the time. I was diagnosed with an enlarged liver in 1963, which prevented me from taking the college entrance exams. I also had a sciatic nerve injury in my leg, the result of misguided treatment by a village doctor in 1996.

If I took even one step, the pain was excruciating.

I started to practice Falun Dafa because I wanted to escape pain and suffering. Just two weeks later, I began to feel much better.

One morning when I was doing the third exercise and turning the Law Wheel with my hands, I felt as if all of my internal organs were turning at the same time. When I told sister, she said that it was a good thing. “The Falun that Master gave you is rotating,” she said.

From Walking to Running

Excited, I ran home to tell my family. Before I even opened my mouth, my wife asked, “How can you run? Don't your legs hurt anymore?” I realized then that my sciatic nerve really no longer affected me. The pain in my liver was gone, too.

I could barely believe what was happening. My wife was thrilled and close to tears. She said that she also wanted to practice Dafa so she could be free of illness.

My wife never attended school because she lived in the countryside. Because she was illiterate, I read every sentence of Zhuan Falun to her slowly. It took about five hours to finish reading just one lecture, and it took us many days to finish the entire book. Even so, we read it three times in one month.

From Illiteracy to Reading and Memorizing Zhuan Falun

After we read Zhuan Falun the fourth time, my wife could read the words on her own. Not only that, but Dafa improved her memory to the point that she could memorize the entire book.

When she read the section “Improving Character” in the fourth lecture, the entire book glowed. Oftentimes, she heard faint explosive sounds when she read it. Once, she even asked our grandson, a college student, to listen to it. He got close to the book, and when he heard it, he said, “This book is alive! I think I will read it, too.”

Golden Light Turns Into Words

A fellow practitioner, who had just returned from a job in another city, talked of a another practitioner who could suddenly read. He said that when he worked in Guangdong Province, his landlord, a 69-year-old woman, often heard practitioners talk about their good health after practicing Falun Dafa.

The woman had many health problems and wanted to practice Falun Dafa, but she was illiterate. Because she could not read, she would cry while holding Zhuan Falun until she fell asleep.

Then one night, she dreamed that her copy of Zhuan Falun sent out rays of golden light, and all the words turned golden while swirling around. The Chinese characters with more strokes danced lower and the ones with fewer strokes danced higher. And all the words moved into her eyes. When she woke up, she wiped away her tears, looked at the book, and could read all of the words.

Falun Dafa is the boundless Buddha Fa. Those who practice Falun Dafa, as well those who view Dafa positively, have experienced more miracles that can be counted.