(Minghui.org) Because of my belief of Falun Dafa, I was once tortured until I was almost dead. But I never lost my faith. Three months after I returned home, I had completely recovered.

I was arrested and taken to labor camp after I went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa in 2000. The police shocked me repeatedly with electric batons, deprived me of sleep for an entire week, and starved me. I was not allowed to bathe or change clothes.

My wounds soon started to fester and bleed. My head was inflamed, and my hands were so swollen that I could not bend my fingers. My urine was dark red.

The police took me to a military hospital, where a doctor said, “There is nothing we can do for this man. He could die at any time.” I was told I had acute nephritis and severe hepatitis B. Without allowing me any medical treatment, the police took me back to the labor camp.

But the police still wanted to use me to discredit Falun Dafa. The next morning, they took me to the camp infirmary and put me in a bed with white linen and an empty infusion bottle hanging nearby, pretending that I was being treated. A cameraman was prepared to record everything. I refused to cooperate and said that they were trying to deceive people, to say that I was ill because I practiced Falun Dafa.

The police finally took me home. They arranged for two doctors to accompany us in the police car. “We don't want you to die on your way home. Don't let people know that you were tortured in the labor camp, or you will be in big trouble,” they said.

When they heard that I was dying, many of my friends and relatives came to visit. Seeing the terrible condition I was in, they urged me to go to the hospital. I refused, because the doctors had already said that there was nothing they could do. But I firmly believed that Falun Dafa could save me, so I stuck to the practice.

One morning, my sister came to visit. Looking at a place on my thigh that had festered, she lamented, “A walnut could fit in that hole.” After dinner when she checked on me again, she started to shout, “Everyone, come, come look! The big hole I saw this morning is gone!” Indeed, new flesh had filled in the cavity in one day. My sister was so happy that she encouraged me to continue to practice Falun Dafa.

Three months after I returned home, I had completely recovered from acute nephritis, hepatitis B, and the many wounds that had festered. I rode a bike to my aunt's birthday party. My aunt shouted when she saw me arrive, “My nephew has recovered! He's really recovered!” Everyone at the party witnessed the miracle of Falun Dafa.

Thank you, Master, for giving me a second life! Falun Dafa is the hope and future for all sentient beings.