(Minghui.org) The Global Service Center for quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Europe is experiencing an increase in traffic as the peak tourist season approaches. Falun Gong practitioners who volunteer at the service center are seeing many more withdrawals from Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members and officials.

An elderly man took practitioners' informational materials and said, “I've been a Party member for several decades. I would like to quit the Party.” He said that he had a large family and he would persuade all of them to quit the CCP and its affiliates.

“I have a son who lives outside of China. I will visit him and ask him to quit the CCP.” He added, “Please help me quit first. I will help my family later.”

CCP Officials Quit

A group of Chinese tourists who appeared to be long-standing CCP officials identified themselves as bureau-level and higher Party officials. They each took a copy of an independent Chinese newspaper and read it.

Practitioners noticed that they were reading the front page article about the Party's internal struggle between Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping versus Jiang Zemin and Zhou Yongkang. Practitioners told them that the key issue in the internal struggle was the persecution of Falun Gong.

Jiang Zemin, the former head of the CCP who initiated the persecution, wanted his proteges, including Zhou Yongkang, to be in power so that the persecution could continue and he would not be held accountable for it. Jiang fears being brought to justice for his crimes against humanity, including killing prisoners of conscience for their organs.

“You are all seasoned CCP officials and know the Party better than I do,” the practitioner said. “Over 200 million Chinese have quit the Party. The CCP is disintegrating. Chinese people are all cursing the Party. Is there any possibility that it won't collapse?”

The officials noded in agreement.

The entire group except for one accepted aliases offered by the practitioner and quit the CCP. Three officials, one a ministry-level Party official, also quit.

Everyone on the Bus Waits for the Last Three to Quit the Party

A bus was going to leave a tourist site when a practitioner realized that three women had yet to quit the Party.

They were listening to the practitioner as the rest of the tour group watched them.

The practitioner said, “You are the only three in the group that have not yet quit the Party. The Party's disintegration is obvious and is Heaven's mandate. If you maintain your membership, doesn't that mean that you will go down with the Party when it's time for payback for its crimes?”

The three women lowered their heads and remained silent.

“Quit the Party with aliases and take peace and blessings home with you,” the practitioner urged. The women looked up and each one said with determination, “I quit! Thank you.”

The practitioner and the rest of the group on the bus all laughed in relief and happiness for their compatriots.

Tour Guide Helps Tourists Quit the Party

A tour guide who has often encountered practitioners told the people in his group, “Seize the opportunity to quit the Party. Hurry up.”

He pointed to the practitioner, “Go to her to quit the Party. Come to me for the sales tax refund.” The tourists lined up to register their withdrawal from the Party.

As they were leaving, the practitioner said to a tourist, “Safe travels!”

The tourist smiled, “Don't worry. Traveling with this tour guide means long-term safety!”

“Master Li Sends People to Save Us. How Can We Not Be Safe?”

A Chinese tourist asked a Service Center volunteer why quitting the Party would bring about safety. A practitioner explained that quitting the Party can nullify the pledge that people make when they join the party, dedicating their lives to the Party. When it's time for the Party to pay for its crimes committed against the Chinese people, those who have renounced their membership will not share the Party's fate.

The tourist thanked the practitioner for the explanation. The practitioner said, “My Master asked me to tell you the truth and help you stay safe!”

He asked, “Are you referring to Master Li Hongzhi?”

The practitioner said, “Yes.”

The visitor responded, “Master Li sends people to save us. How can we not be safe?”