(Minghui.org) I am 54 years old this year. I went to see a doctor in May 2013 because I lost my voice. I was diagnosed with lung cancer. The cancer had metastasized, and the doctor said I only had seven months to live.

My husband, sisters, and brothers were all worried about me and discussed possible treatments with the doctor. The only treatment the doctor suggested was chemotherapy, which would be devastating.

I am the youngest child in the family, and my sisters and brothers are much older than me. I was spoiled and had never encountered any hardships. No one dared to tell me what was going on until the day before the chemotherapy was scheduled to begin.

My second eldest sister leaned over my hospital bed and gently explained my condition and what treatment I would be given. Strangely, I felt calm, with no fear. I was just wondering why I had suddenly got such a disease. My sister said, “I suggest you first to listen to Master Li Hongzhi's lecture series in Guangzhou. It may be that practicing Falun Dafa is the only thing that can save you.”

Taking the Opportunity

My sister had been practicing Falun Dafa for more than 10 years. She had asked me to practice it with her before. I read Zhuan Falun and learned the five exercises. Though I thought the practice was really good, I was busy with work and often went on business trips, so I did not learn it seriously. I thought then that I was in good health and I could take it up later.

My sister had told me some miraculous stories about Dafa before, so when she asked me to listen to Master's lectures, I agreed. I thought that, since I had plenty of time in the hospital, doing something was better than doing nothing.

She brought me Master's lecture tapes. I listened to them carefully again and again. I came to understand why I was ill. I also understood that Falun Dafa not only purified one's physical body but also purified one's spirit and raised one's moral standards. I understood the purpose of coming to the world and the meaning of a life.

Master's mighty benevolence moved me, so I made up my mind to cultivate Dafa and not to live a confused life anymore. I decided to follow Master's teachings and become a genuine practitioner.

Opening the Gate

One night, I had a dream: I was in a car and didn't know where I was going. When the car approached a closed gate, the gate opened slowly and the car drove inside. I saw flowers everywhere, and when I opened the door to get out, there were beautiful fireworks in the sky. I had never been so excited. I will never forget the scenery in that dream.

When I told my sister about the dream, she was very happy. “Welcome to cultivation!” she said. “It may be a hint from Master to encourage you to cultivate Dafa. It is a good sign.”

Unwittingly, I had had chemotherapy for over 10 days, but I did not have the usual side effects, such as losing my hair. My nephew visited me in the hospital, and the other patients and nurses asked him, “Does your aunt really have cancer? Has she been having chemotherapy?” My nephew confirmed that it was true.

After that, I became more diligent. I would listen to the lectures during the day. At night, I would do the exercises using the half-hour tape, since I was usually alone in the ward at that time.

Studying Dafa and doing the exercises became my most important daily routines. I was bathed in Buddha's benevolence every day, and after I left the hospital, besides studying the Fa and doing the exercises, I also recited Master's poems from Hong Yin and Lunyu. I felt I was the happiest person in the world.

Learning Diligence

My sister and fellow practitioners came to my home once a week to have group study and to do the exercises together. When doing the second exercise, “Holding the Wheel,” my arms would shake with fatigue. Whenever I wanted to take a break, I would think of Master's words in Zhuan Falun: “When it’s difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it’s impossible to do, you can do it.” Then I would keep going to finish the exercise.

In this cultivation environment, I saw that my fellow practitioners were all very diligent. They never complained when there were problems, and they all tried to look inward to see whether anything was their fault. They would not say anything or do anything that was not in line with the Fa principles--I really admired them from the bottom of my heart.

With their help, I improved my xinxing. I came to realize more and more that the purpose of coming to the world is to return to our true self. Everything in the world has a predestined relationship, and if one wants to cultivate, one must give up ordinary thinking and all kinds of notions. One must improve one's xinxing and get rid of all kinds of attachments, and we should study the Fa more and look inward.

One must rectify oneself with the Fa and solidly cultivate according to the universal principles of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance.

During that period, Master cleansed my body. One day, I found a hard object in my navel and pulled it out. It was a crystal-like object shaped like a capsule. I mentioned it to the doctor at my next checkup. He was very surprised and had never heard of anything like that before. I knew it was Master who cleaned the bad substance from my body.

Once after I finished the sitting meditation and lay down to sleep, I felt something pulling my hair. I opened my eyes and saw a mass of black stuff rising out of my head. Another time, I felt that something like a bug was crawling out of my toes. I gave it a toss and got rid of it. My body has felt very relaxed and light ever after.

Brand New Body

In December I went to the hospital for a check up, and everything was normal. The normal range of carcinoembryonic antigen should be 0-5. Mine was 4.27. When I was first diagnosed, mine was 1500.0. My husband cried tears of joy as he held the medical report. My family witnessed the miracle of Dafa, and I thanked our revered Master in my mind thousands of times.

What happened to me was a reflection of the wonder and power of Dafa, which amazed our friends and neighbors. Some decided to quit the CCP and its organizations after seeing me totally recover. Many came to learn the truth of Dafa, and some even started to practice.

Thank you, revered Master! Thank you, Dafa! Thank you, fellow practitioners who have been continuing to clarify the truth!