(Minghui.org) The second king of the Late Zhou Dynasty, Chai Rong, spearheaded a campaign to destroy Buddhism and was determined to invigorate his kingdom's economy. Six months after his death, however, the Late Zhou Dynasty was wiped out.

According to Old History of the Five Dynasties and New History of the Five Dynasties, in February 955, the Late Zhou Dynasty was heavily in debt. Chai Rong first cowed his officials into unquestioning obedience. He then issued a decree to tear down all temples and melt down all bronze Buddha statues in order to produce copper coinage. In one year alone, 30,336 temples were demolished.

Four years later, in June 959, 39-year-old Chai Rong, who had been on the throne for merely six years, died of disease.

Before his death, Chai Rong visited a mound in Waqiao Guan. He asked his officials, “What's this place called?” They replied, “Legend has it that this mound is called the 'Sick Dragon Rests.'” Chai Rong went silent. That night, he fell deathly ill. During his last moments alive, he left the Royal Guards to Zhao Kuangyin, who assumed power and established the Song Dynasty.

Half a year after his death, on January 3, 960, Chai Rong's seven-year-old son was forced to abdicate and offer the throne to Zhao Kuangyin. Chai Rong's dream of building an economically strong and lasting Late Zhou Dynasty evaporated.

The Old History of the Five Dynasties used “destined to be short-lived, dream destroyed, sad life” to summarize Chai Rong's tragic ending as a result of his persecution of Buddhism.

One by one, Chai Rong's supporters all abandoned the sinking Late Zhou ship and agreed to put Zhao Kuangyin in power. In doing this, they avoided suffering the same tragic consequences of disrespecting Buddhism. Unlike how things were under the rule of Chai Rong, they were able to enjoy prosperity and economic stability.

The Chinese Communist Party is like a sinking ship. Its history of persecuting the innocent and defaming deities has left it so unstable that it is liable to capsize at any moment. Only by withdrawing from the CCP can a person escape the inevitable. The only way off the sinking ship is to declare your intention to sever ties with the CCP.

(Resources: New History of the Five Dynasties, Old History of the Five Dynasties)