(Minghui.org) Since the persecution of Falun Dafa started, many practitioners in China, including those where I live, depend on a printer to distribute materials.

Elderly practitioners in our area are not familiar with the use of printers. Since I know how they work, I was given the task of maintaining and fixing printers.

I've seen some amazing things happen as I helped to keep printers in good running order. I'd like to sharing three such stories below.

“Minghui Weekly” Printed Without Connecting to Internet

An elderly practitioner approached me to learn how to get on the Internet and print materials. As she could only recognize numbers, I pasted numbers over the keyboard and told her the keys to press when using the Internet. She learned how to print “Minghui Weekly” that same day.

I visited the practitioner a few days later to see how she was doing. When I arrived, she had just printed “Minghui Weekly” and showed it to me.

I asked her how the material was printed. She said that she had followed my instructions of connecting to the Internet first, downloaded the file, and then printed it out.

I took a closer look at the computer and discovered that her modem was not connected, yet she could use Dynaweb, download files, and print “Minghui Weekly.”

Tears filled my eyes. I knew that Master had seen this practitioner's heart to save people and helped her, which created this miracle.

I was afraid that the practitioner would develop an attachment to zealotry so I didn't tell her what she had done. Instead, I once again taught her how to operate the computer and she quickly got it.

I reflected that nothing is impossible with Dafa. An illiterate elderly practitioner could easily learn how to use a computer when she had the heart to save people.

“Please Help Us, Master”

A practitioner once asked for my help to fix the printer. I went to his house and took a look at the printer, but could not find any problem. Since no problem was apparent, I needed to take it apart and look inside. I did not know how to dismantle the printer, but I didn't want to ask other practitioners, as everyone was busy with other tasks.

I said to this practitioner, “Let's ask Master for help.” As soon as I said this, the practitioner had this thought: “Open up the back of the printer.”

We did so at once and found a small piece of paper stuck there. We removed the paper and the printer worked again. We were full of gratitude towards Master.

Removing the Attachment to Comfort

As I did troubleshooting for practitioners' printers, I realized the problems that surfaced often had a direct connection to cultivation.

A practitioner once told me that one of the ink cartridges in his printer was not working. My first thought was that I have to look inwards before repairing the printer.

I looked inside and found that I had been pursuing comfort and didn't want to wake up early to do the exercises. I knew that this was wrong, but could not break through it.

I discussed this with the practitioner after I looked inside myself. He said that he too did not wake up early that day to do the exercises. We decided to send forth righteous thoughts to rectify ourselves. After doing so, the printer started working again.