(Minghui.org) My husband was a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official. Although he recognized the health benefits of Falun Dafa, he had been influenced by CCP propaganda his entire life.

He did not believe in gods, and thought that my improvement in health was simply psychological. He thought that since I did not take injections or medicine, my sicknesses had disappeared naturally, and he was sure that they would recur. He said that he would believe in Dafa only if I did not get sick for a year.

He opposed my going to government officials to tell them the facts about Dafa. He tried drawing from his own personal experience to dismiss the fact that Falun Dafa was good, and believed that we (practitioners) were opposing the CCP.

He often asked me why I had to go out to practice when I could do it at home. He told me to consider his status as a Party official, and that I might cause him to lose his job because I was a practitioner. He argued that our son was going to attend middle school, so someone had to be at home to take care of him. If his mother was arrested, his teachers and classmates would despise him. As a last resort, he had our son kneel before me and beg me to quit.

I was in anguish when my husband and son begged me to stop practicing. I locked myself in my room while passing the test of “familial affection” and karma elimination. My legs were in intense pain as I thought about leaving my family forever.

My mother, who was in her nineties, loved me dearly. She also did not want me to practice Dafa, for fear that I would suffer. Since she cared so much for me, how would she handle it if something bad happened to me? My heart felt as if it was being torn in two, and my tears would not stop.

Letting Go of Sentimentality and Familial Affection

I then realized clearly that this pain and emotion stemmed from sentimentality, and that it was something I had to overcome. Could I not even measure up to the monks and nuns in temples? Could a disciple who cultivates the law of the cosmos be burdened by sentimentality and still continue on the path to Consummation?

After a week of painful decision making, I calmly told my husband that I would stand up for Dafa and Master, and let the government and the world know the truth. It is my most basic responsibility as a Dafa disciple. True disciples need to safeguard Dafa.

When people's minds were being poisoned, and our noble and merciful master was being slandered, as a beneficiary, I could not just let it slide. This was a watershed between good and evil. On such a major matter of right and wrong, could I go against my conscience just to pacify my family? Between Dafa and family, I would choose Dafa and not go back on my word!

My husband saw that I had made up my mind, so he acknowledged the situation and prepared to divorce me, allowing me to do whatever I wanted from then on. He had to take responsibility for his and our son’s future.

It seemed sudden, but I calmly accepted his decision and agreed to the divorce. But when I thought of the old saying, “A couple is like birds from the same forest that fly away separately when disaster comes,” I could not help but feel pained.

As I started to fill out the divorce papers, my tears fell on the paper, but my pen kept writing, detailing my memories of our marriage. Back when we were to be married, I pitied him for being widowed, and felt even more sorry for his motherless son, so I married him, even though I was more than ten years younger than he.

I contributed a lot to his family. I raised his son, who graduated from a university, and when I had my own child, I was willing to put my own child at a disadvantage rather than let my stepson be unhappy. For 18 years, I scrimped and saved to support this family and balanced all the relationships, creating a harmonious family that was admired by the neighbors.

Everyone, including my husband, always said that they would be “grateful to me their entire lives.” And now, because the CCP had begun this unreasonable campaign to persecute Falun Dafa, he wanted to divorce me, showing that my 18 years of self-sacrifice meant nothing compared to one sentence from that devil Jiang Zemin. How harmful that evil CCP venom was! Nevertheless, I truly let go of my attachment.

In my divorce agreement, I stated, “I do not want anything from the divorce, not even a penny. I will start anew on my cultivation path. As for our son, he may choose whomever he wants to live with. He said in the past that he wanted to be with his father, because he felt ashamed to have a mother who was a Falun Dafa practitioner. I told him that he would understand one day that his mother was right. He will feel proud to have such a mother.”

The Goodness of Dafa Is Shared with My Family

But there was no divorce. My husband said that he didn't really want to divorce me, and had merely said it to frighten me. But he called my mother and said that I was stubborn, intending to involve my family in changing my mind about Dafa.

My brother and niece took me the long distance to my mother’s house on March 26, 2000. Several generations took turns advising me not to practice Falun Dafa. At the same time, my husband told my other son, who was working far away, about my situation. He took an overnight flight to reach my mother’s house. He sobbed and cried, expressing his deep affection for me, not wanting to see our family destroyed.

But he did not change my mind.

Next, my nephew, who was a Party member, started to accept the truth of Dafa. He started reading Dafa books and felt that the book Zhuan Falunwas very good. Even his two toddlers followed me and learned how to do the exercises. My mother quit using her walking stick to stop me from practicing. I managed to change the people closest to me for the better. They gradually accepted the truth and came to understand the goodness of Dafa.

Seeing for themselves how my health had improved, my upperclass friends who believed in science started to acknowledge that what I said was the truth. My mother and sister-in-law brought me home on June 6, 2000. My husband, children, and friends have since accepted my practicing.

Positive Changes in My Husband

As I let go of my human notions, did not allow anyone to interfere with me, and continued to do what Dafa disciples should do, my husband slowly changed. From opposing my going out to tell people the facts about Dafa, he started to help post Dafa informational materials when it was snowing. When he read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, he started to change from the bottom of his heart. He refused to pay dues to the CCP, and mentioned quitting.

Several Party members came knocking on our door after three years, to force him to pay his dues, threatening that they would fire our son from his job. But my husband did not acknowledge that he was a Party member, and refused to participate in any CCP activities.

He also published a solemn declaration on the Epoch Times website. He declared his decision to quit the CCP, and that everything he had said that was disrespectful toward Master and Dafa as a result of not understanding the truth was now null and void. He vowed to support Dafa, and believed that Falun Dafa was good.

Over the years, I’ve written many truth-clarification letters, and my husband bought all the envelopes and stamps. I had to make him do it at first, but he eventually started doing it on his own, and even took on the responsibility of posting the letters. Once I finished writing, he went to find a mailbox, or went to the post office if he had time, without delay.

My husband now recites “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good! Master Li is good!” more than ten times before he goes to bed and after he wakes up in the morning. Whenever people come to our house, he tells them about Dafa just like a practitioner would, and mentions the live organ harvesting scandal and crimes committed by the CCP. Even when he’s out, he speaks endlessly about Dafa, whether he is in the village square, in a car, or on a train.

My husband said that he now truly admires Master and Dafa disciples from the bottom of his heart. Even if the CCP paid him, he would not change his stance. He said in the past that he thought Party members were glorious, but he now thinks that they are disgusting.

Witnessing how my my husband has changed, I can see Dafa’s power. As long as we keep our righteous thoughts as we walk our paths, our cultivation environment will broaden. Those near us will support us and help us spread the Fa. My husband has been saved. I now truly understand that Master’s Fa can eliminate all past resentment and grudges, resolve all problems, and is the true essence of harmony in every society and family.