(Minghui.org) I'm an engineer, working at a company that employs more than twenty people. I would like to share some stories about my colleagues quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and it affiliated organizations.

Former Soldier: “My friend is amazing”

Colleague A was a soldier. He told me that one of his former colleagues was a Falun Dafa practitioner.

“He started practicing Falun Dafa before 1999. When the persecution started, the leaders tried to force him to stop practicing, otherwise be fired. He lost his job. His rank was higher than mine, so if he stopped practicing, his salary would have been much higher than mine. His wife divorced him because he remained steadfast in the practice, and he had to do temporary jobs here and there to make a living.”

He said, “When we got together for a reunion, he showed up in old, shabby clothes. When he repaid another friend 200 yuan, we could tell it was not easy for him to save the money, as he paid with 5-10 bills, all of which were wrinkled. The other man did not want to take the money, but the practitioner insisted on repaying him. We all felt sorry for him, so we collected some money and bought new clothes for him, and insisted that he accept them.”

My colleague asked me, “Some people said he donated all his money to Falun Dafa. Is it true?” I said, “No. We use our own money to produce informational materials so people can learn about the persecution. As you know, all the media in China are tools used to distribute the CCP propaganda, so we want people to know the whole story.”

My colleague said, “Now I understand. My comrade is really amazing. He helped me withdraw from the CCP during the party.”

He turned to another colleague and asked, “Have you withdrawn from the CCP?” I said, “He was the first one here to withdraw.” The other colleague said, “I withdrew in 2006, with the help of my mother. I think I was the first one in our company to withdraw.”

Chief Engineer: I was Saved!

Colleague B was the deputy chief of my department. Her grandfather was a Falun Dafa practitioner, so she knew about the persecution. I persuaded her to quit the CCP, and gave her a nickname to use to withdraw. She was very surprised upon hearing the name because it was the nickname she had when she was attending the university.

That night, she dreamed she was a goldfish. The goldfish was saved from a muddy ditch and put in clean water. It was very happy and became very beautiful. She was very happy about this dream.

However, she was made a key member of the Party in my department. I feel very sorry for her, and will continuing talking to her about the persecution.

Deputy Secretary: “I Want to Withdraw from the CCP!”

I always talked about the persecution to the deputy secretary, but I did not ask him to withdraw from the CCP. One day, I gave another two colleagues and him a ride home and we chatted.

Afterward, he told me seriously that he wanted to withdraw from the Party. I asked him why.

He said, “I have been observing you, and see that you are very kind and compassionate. I have also investigated the facts you told me and found that they were all true. Today I suddenly realized that it's important and something I need to do.”

I told him that he could use a pseudonym to withdraw from the CCP, and did not have to withdraw publicly. He was very happy.

“I will withdraw!”

Our doorman is very cautious. Like most Chinese he joined the Young Pioneers when he was young. I chatted with him one day and found that he had a deep understanding of the CCP. He was hesitant when I asked him to withdraw. People were approaching at that moment, so I quickly whispered, “I will give you a nickname to use to withdraw from the Pioneers. It will give you peace.” He answered firmly, “Okay, I will withdraw! ”

I ordered 500 discs online. Concerned about safety, I asked the vendor not to put a detailed description on the package, but they still did. All of our packages are delivered to the doorman. Usually the doorman calls the person to pick up their packages at the reception office. I was not home the day the discs came, and the doorman was afraid that other people may see the label, so he went to my office and hid the package.

I was deeply moved by this. This doorman is very cautious, because he had lived through several of the CCP movements. Even though he was afraid of the regime, he courageously withdrew from it, and also helped me. I was deeply touched.

“Now who dares to brag he is a Party member?”

I worked under three directors. The first director “talked with me” twice because I practiced Falun Dafa. The second director “talked with me” once. The third director did not mention anything about my cultivation practice. The situation is much better now, as I keep talking to people at work about the persecution. It's getting easier to talk about it, and people are now openly complaining about the CCP. The director's driver said, “It's a trend to withdraw from the Party. Now who dares to brag he is a Party member?”