(Minghui.org) My mother had always spent most of the day and night coughing. She was miserable, always short of breath, and took medication daily for years. She died from a form of hereditary bronchitis.

I developed the same strain of bronchitis while I was in my twenties. Whenever it flared up, I had severe shortness of breath, could not lay down, and could not sleep.

The symptoms caused me to be constantly dizzy and confused, and my health declined as time went on. I also suffered from anemia, ringing in the ears, back pain, and insomnia. I felt that my life was reaching its end, but I felt that I couldn't die, as I had two young children to raise.

When I visited my brother during the New Year holiday in 1998, I came across some experience sharing articles written by Falun Gong practitioners. The articles stated that when one encounters a conflict, one should look within to see where one has not done well, and that one should be considerate to others at all times, and not hurt others.

I was shocked, and thought to myself, “Really? Are there still kindhearted people like this in the world? What made them this way?” I took the articles home and read them over and over. I wondered what kind of Master was able to teach such a group of kind people.

I began practicing Falun Gong during the holiday. Through studying the book Zhuan Falun, I realized that this practice was an advanced Buddha cultivation way. One does not need to go to the mountains or temples, but can cultivate in ordinary society, as long as he abides by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

I have not had a single asthma attack since the day I began cultivation. I did not even notice when the illness, which had plagued my family, disappeared.

My husband commented one day, “I have not heard you complaining about any discomfort for a long time, and it seems that your bronchitis has not flared up for years. You have changed. You're full of energy, and look young again.”

I replied, “After reading Zhuan Falun, I realized why human beings go through the process of illness, hardship, and tribulation. Nothing happens by chance, and I am happy to settle my karmic debt. That is why I no longer get mad at you.”

Falun Gong granted me a healthy body, changed my life, and resolved my past grievances. I now have a harmonious family life, as well. Thank you Master. Thank you Falun Gong!