(Minghui.org) I have read “Falun Dafa Practitioners in the Eyes of an Enlightened Being” and would like to share my understanding regarding the article.

First, I would like to say that the foreword was quite appropriate: “This article is for fellow practitioners' reference only. Treating the Fa as Master is fundamental for cultivators. When others point out where Falun Dafa practitioners fall short, we should compare our behavior to the Fa, look inward, correct ourselves, and find the root of not completely believing in the Fa and Master.”

Master said in “Comment on a Student’s Article” from The Essentials of Diligent Progress VOL. III:

“It is not important to me who wrote the article. As long as what is displayed [in a given article] is something effective for the students’ validating of the Fa, I encourage it—even in the case of an article written by someone who opposes us.”

That means that, regardless of who made the comments mentioned in the aforementioned article, be it an ordinary person or an earthly deity in this dimension or other dimensions, we need to rationally evaluate them with the Fa.

The article reminded me of Master's words in “Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference:”

“As Dafa disciples, you should understand things from the Fa. You are Dafa disciples who are upright and dignified. You should rationally think about whether something is in line with the Fa. And then there are students who are always interested in supernormal abilities. I let some students see some of the Fa-rectification's situations in different dimensions, with my intention being to increase the students' confidence in validating the Fa, yet some students still can't handle it right, they don't cultivate based on the Fa, and when something happens they even go ask a student who has supernormal abilities to look at things for them, and then they take what's seen as guidance on how to do things related to Dafa and how to cultivate. That's already very dangerous. Who could possibly see the essence of Fa-rectification? And who could possibly explain the states of those who cultivate in Dafa? The manifestations at the extremely low levels aren't the ultimate, true situation. If you don't cultivate based on the Fa, if you don't act according to the Fa, then are you still a Dafa disciple? Whenever something happens you go ask that other person to see what it's about, but what's he seeing? Who could possibly see your ultimate situation? Even your own child can't see it. I've already said that even internally, among Dafa disciples, you aren't allowed to see it. If the true state of your cultivation could be seen, then what would there be for you to cultivate? If you were told, then everything would be solved. It can't be seen! The reason is, at different levels there are different manifestations, and to the beings at a given level the manifestation at that level is the truth, so at each level, at levels upon levels, there are truths. But those are the different manifestations of one thing at different levels, whereas the manifestation of the most fundamental thing is at the top, and when it gets to the end, only then is the most final fundamental thing found. So from which level could you possibly see the ultimate, true situation of a Dafa disciple, the true situation of Fa-rectification, or the true situation of Master? If today you could see the ultimate true situation of Dafa disciples and Master, and the truth of Dafa, then today you're the Lord of this boundless cosmos! Do you see all that? Is everything before your eyes? How could you be so foolish?! I've already talked about this many times in the Fa. Why is it that you just have to be interfered with?”

I don't think the Taoist's comments were necessarily wrong or that the author was wrong in sharing the Taoist's words. But, as readers, we should have a rational understanding based on the Fa.

What he saw regarding Dafa practitioners was what Dafa revealed to him. The purpose could have been for him to offer some hints to Dafa disciples. What he saw could not be the true state of Dafa disciples' cultivation, but just some superficial manifestation of practitioners' attachments that are yet to be cultivated away.

Similar to when ordinary people are used to offer Dafa practitioners hints, that person might not truly understand what Dafa cultivation is, and he might not even remember his own words afterward.

The following is just an analogy: Frodo Baggins, the main character in The Lord of the Rings, is very kind. Yet the role of ring bearer brought him so much grief that he often had bad thoughts. In other words, the ring bearer, who is entrusted with the serious mission to destroy the ring, is also subject to a serious amount of interference.

We know from the Fa that Dafa practitioners shoulder the truly important mission to save sentient beings. At the same time, we are also subject to interference from the old factors in the universe and karma. An earthly deity may not know this.

From another perspective, our attachments may also influence people and our environment and surroundings. If we cannot handle the Taoist's words on the basis of the Fa, we may incur interference in our own cultivation or even put him in danger.