(Minghui.org) I went to visit a colleague, a Falun Dafa practitioner in her 70s, after the Chinese New Year. She had an episode with illness and told me about it, so I've recorded it here.


I could not sleep for three days and it was difficult to breathe. My husband, a physician, and my sons wanted me to go to hospital.

But, before I agreed to leave for the hospital, I said, “If anything happens to me, you must not blame Falun Dafa. Anything that happens is because I did not cultivate well. It has been 18 years since I started to cultivate and I have not seen a doctor or taken any medication.”

The doctor diagnosed me, among others, with a narrowing of the small blood vessels that supply blood and oxygen to the heart, diabetes, and excess fluid in the lungs. I was in the intensive care unit (ICU) for nine days and lost consciousness twice.

While there, I listened to recordings of the Falun Dafa main book and asked the founder of the practice, whom practitioners call Master or Teacher, in my mind for help. I kept in mind that there were still a lot of people whom I needed to tell the facts about Falun Dafa.

My husband had not left my bedside and watched the ECG monitor for any changes. He was very worried and thought that I was at death's door. He was at a loss, despite being the chief physician of the respiratory division.

When I had reached a crossroad, I asked Master to please save me. Immediately, I felt that my blood flowed again freely and I survived. My husband who watched closely exclaimed, “It is a miracle that you came back!” I told him that I had called on Master and asked for his help. He said, “Yes, your Master saved you.”


After this woman finished her story, her husband said, “Nine out of ten patients die, when they experience a situation my wife faced. In that ward, patients die every day.”

She continued, There is no doubt in my husbands mind that I survived because I practice Dafa diligently and do everything a practitioner is supposed to do, such as reading the Dafa books daily, doing the exercises, send forth righteous thoughts and tell people about Falun Dafa.”