(Minghui.org) I am a young Falun Dafa practitioner, born in 1998 to a family of Dafa practitioners. I have been listening to Dafa music and the audio recordings of Master Li's lectures since birth.

When I was two years old, I also started to watch videos of Master’s lectures. Before I began elementary school, I could basically read Zhuan Falun by myself and recognize almost all the words.

I was four when my father was sent to prison for eight years. I was way too young to know or understand about the persecution of Falun Dafa, but my mother was afraid and stopped practicing. So, I didn’t get to listen to Master’s lectures any more.

I soon began to spend my time watching games and movies on TV. If I wasn’t watching TV, I would be out playing. I often stayed out until dark. I lost interest in books and only did my homework halfheartedly.

The old forces took no time to take advantage of my loopholes. My body started to manifest symptoms of illnesses. In 2008, when I was in fourth grade, I experienced difficulty standing up and could barely walk. I then became incontinent. I also had difficulty eating and keeping food down. It was as if my body was unable to cope.

My mother took me to the county, city, and provincial hospitals. I was given a variety of medication and injections, but no doctor could provide a sure diagnosis. They all said there was no cure, but they could not determine what disease I was suffering from. They advised my mother to take me home.

My mother felt so hopeless seeing me on the verge of death, that all she could do was cry.

When we were in a deep state of despair, Master arranged an aunt, who was a practitioner, to visit us. This aunt told my mother only Master could save me. She got my mother to agree to take me home with her.

As soon as I entered my aunt’s house, I felt very cool and comfortable.

My aunt burned incense in front of Master’s photo. She and my mother then put their hands together in front of their chests to beseech Master to save me. They continued to send forth righteous thoughts.

All of a sudden, my head hurt so much I let out a big scream and fainted. My mother was scared but my aunt told her not to be afraid, everything would be just fine.

In a little while, I came to. I then fell into a deep sleep. In my dream, I felt several small ducks running out of my body and disappearing into the air.

An hour later, I woke up. I found I could move my legs.

My aunt helped me study the Fa, listen to Master's lectures, do the exercises, and send righteous thoughts. A few days later, all my physical problems disappeared and my body returned to normal.

I then experienced “Placement of the Mysterious Pass,”and my third eye was also opened. I could see things. I saw many Cultivated Infants. We played together. It was a lot of fun.

When I sat down to meditate, my primordial spirit could leave my body.

I once floated upward and went very far away to a nice place. There were pavilions, large gardens, a lotus pond full of lotus flowers in bloom.

I was given some lotus seeds to eat. I was told I could eat whatever I wanted.

I thought about eating an apple and my mouth tasted apple. I felt like eating shish kebab, and sure enough, the sweet smell of mutton filled the air. The same thing happened with bananas, and pancakes,... Then, we had a track meet. I was put in charge of handing out prizes. The games lasted for three days. I was kept very busy but I felt so happy even though I was quite exhausted. I then came back.

When I opened my eyes again, I was sitting on the bed. I asked my aunt how many days I was gone. She smiled and said, “Less than an hour.”

I told my aunt what transpired. My aunt was happy for me. She let me know that my primordial spirit had been to other dimensions, and that I was in a Buddha’s world. It was Master’s mercy that I could see and experience many things, so I must cultivate diligently from then on.

The little Cultivated Infants and I continued to play together. They were so naughty. They would run all around my legs or all over my body, but I could never catch them.

They often showed me videos depicting ancient times. Once, the video was about the Tang Dynasty when its first emperor unified China. I and my five brothers, all fellow Shaolin monks, were fighting in a big battle.

Big Brother is my aunt now. I was number two brother. The fifth brother is now my aunt's daughter. I don’t remember about the others. But we are all now Dafa practitioners.

Each one of us had gone through many lifetimes and had reincarnated into different animals, plants, monks, outlaws, and generals. But in this lifetime, we have all acquired human bodies, have all obtained Dafa, and are all helping Master in this Fa-rectification period.

Only I could see the videos. My aunt and her daughter were both unable to see what I could see. They could just listen to what I told them. Her daughter would keep asking questions.

Finally, the Cultivated Infants said, “We are not going to show you any more videos. They will just reinforce your attachments,”

Then they saw my aunt reading Zhuan Falun, so they said to me, “Tell your aunt we’ll let her see the videos.”

But my aunt turned me down, telling me she didn’t want to see any video. She wanted to study the Fa.

The Cultivated Infants all stuck up their thumbs and said, “Good job!”

I spent quite a while with my aunt. In the meantime, my father succeeded to break free of imprisonment through persisting with his righteous thoughts. He came home. I also came home from my aunt’s and returned to school. My mother returned to Falun Dafa practice.

Under Master’s arrangement, both my father and mother found jobs and I am now in high school!