(Minghui.org) I had reached my forties and was at the low point in my life back in the 1990's. In competing for fame, profits, various sentimentalities and personal gain, I was wounded both physically and mentally. I suffered from oral cancer, and hardening of a cerebral artery, had lost feeling in my right hip bone, and had allergy dermatitis, and osteoproliferation.

I had been nice looking when I was young, but now I looked old beyond my years. I lost a lot of hair, developed wrinkles around my eyes, and my front teeth became crooked. Even my eyesight was getting worse; I was resigned to relying on reading glasses.

Finding Falun Dafa Restored Hope

I already looked like an old lady and had to endure the humiliation of my husband yelling at me, “Look at yourself. You are so ugly!” My parents-in-law beat and cursed me. They even urged my husband to file for divorce, so I felt forced to work hard in order to save my marriage. I would rather die than divorce.

I still recalled that in the spring of 1997, a colleague of mine put a curious book called Zhuan Falun on my desk. I immediately took a look and saw a photo of a man with a benign countenance. I asked my colleague to lend me the book for one more night. When she returned, I asked her to let me keep it. She told me Zhuan Falun is the Buddha Fa taught by Master Li Hongzhi.

I later experienced a prophetic dream: A tall man appeared with his back to me and said: “You will die once you have finished the renovation of your home. Please quickly go read Zhuan Falun!” When I woke up, this sentence was ingrained in my mind, but I could not understand what it meant.

Soon after, it did happen that our home needed to be renovated. Since I had no feeling in my right hip and leg, I could only drag myself around when walking. I was crippled, but none-the-less got busy with the home renovations.

At that moment, one of my colleagues told me that my husband had an affair with someone. I immediately experienced a mental breakdown. Although we quarreled often in the past, I always knew my husband still cared about me. But this trust was now shattered—I could no longer continue to pretend. I did not quarrel, neither did I argue. I just looked quietly at my young daughter in tears.

A Decision to Commit Myself to Change

I was disheartened and really did not want to continue my life. Suddenly I was enlightened that once my home renovation was completed, my death would be approaching. Only Falun Dafa’s Master could save me. I needed to quickly read Zhuan Falun.

I abandoned whatever I had unfinished in hand and shut myself in a room. I could not sit so I simply stood in the corner to read Zhuan Falun. I read from early morning to late at night. I read it one time after another. And miraculously, I had no more hatred or bitterness in my heart.

I understood that human beings come to this world to suffer and eliminate karma. I should thus treat all my family members with kindness and cultivate gratitude and forbearance in my heart. As I kept reading, my heart went blank and all the pain throughout my body was disappearing. I understood that Master Li was helping me purify my body. Very soon, with the help of fellow practitioners, I was able to find the local Dafa exercise practice site.

A week after I started practicing Falun Dafa, my workplace conducted physical check-ups. The doctor told me: “Wow, the symptoms of your hardened cerebral artery have disappeared. Right now, your brain is very healthy.” She asked me, “What magic drug have you taken?” I told her I recovered because I practice Falun Dafa.

I used all my spare time to read Zhuan Falun. I was very pious and read with all my heart, so each and every sentence became very pleasant. Even my husband, who was a head doctor, was very surprised. He knew that I suffered from several kinds of incurable diseases, and also witnessed the mighty power of Dafa. He lived through my most turbulent years and returned to being a good husband. He fully supports my Falun Dafa practice.

The people around me are all curious, asking me why all the wrinkles on my face disappeared. I discarded my reading glasses and asked Master to strengthen me. Very soon, I could read the Fa without them.

Many miracles have happened to me. Even my crooked teeth were rectified. The short ones grew longer, and they automatically grew to be the same height. Dafa practitioners are getting younger, even without seeking traditional health care. I am 67 years old, but feel even better than when I was 45 years old. I feel rejuvenated.

I read the teachings of Dafa without pursuit. It is Master and the Fa that saved me and gave me a new life.