(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Gong in 1998. As a construction worker, I often encounter dangerous situations. However, Master Li Hongzhi is always watching over me and has saved my life again and again. Here, I would like to share a few incidents that happened to me and express my gratitude to Master Li.

I was part of a crew tearing down an old building in July 2013. I got on the roof, which was about 20 feet high, and tried to unscrew the steel plate. After the last screw was removed, I stood up and was about to go to the other side. Suddenly, a piece of the plate came loose and was about to fall off. It was about 12 square feet in size, and my feet were already on it. I didn't panic, just calmly walked to the solid section. My co-workers were shocked. They said to me later, “Falun Gong is really amazing.”

I fell from an 11-foot-high scaffold in September 2013. I landed on the first floor and was not injured at all.

Two other co-workers and I were trying to load a 15-food-long heavy plastic pipe onto a truck in October 2014. The pipe fell on my left thigh and pinned me down. My foot was stuck in a pile of pipe on the ground. My co-workers moved the pipe away and pulled me out. The crew boss, who had in the past witnessed miracles that had happened to Falun Gong practitioners, shouted, “Hurry up and ask you master to help.” I was not injured. Even my left leg did not hurt.

When we tried to load a 400-pound steel piece from a truck in November 2014, it fell on my left foot. At that moment, I felt my left foot suddenly shrink, and the steel piece only hit my “empty” cotton shoe. The shoe was smashed into the ground. My co-workers lifted the steel, and pulled out my foot. The shoe was destroyed, but my foot was fine. One of the co-workers shouted, “A Falun Gong miracle!”

Everything I have written is true. I deeply appreciate Master watching over me. There are no words to express my gratitude.