(Minghui.org) A reader in China wrote us:

“I am a pro-democracy student. I don't know much about Falun Gong. I only know that many pro-democracy people think that Falun Gong swindles and kills people. I have heard of the Chinese communist regime's killing of Falun Gong practitioners for their organs, but I don't know the details.

“However, why is it that I have a hard time accepting your message? I know that Falun Gong is only banned in mainland China. We are not allowed to even talk about it. I hope you can provide convincing explanations. I also find it inconceivable that Falun Gong can cure all diseases!”

Editors' Reply:

Thank you for your letter and for asking these questions. When questions linger in a person's mind about an issue, it is beneficial to do the research to find out more. And, as people are inundated by the communist regime's propaganda in mainland China, it's important to find reliable sources.

It is the regime's propaganda that likely gave you the impression that Falun Gong kills people. Please review the facts behind the so-called 1,400 alleged deaths put forth by state-owned media. The facts of these cases were only what Falun Gong practitioners managed to collect and verify. Due to the tight information control imposed by the Chinese regime, details on the other alleged cases remain unclear.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) specializes in framing and slandering people. That's why it was able to launch so many campaigns that harmed and killed people. Those targeted for persecution were demonized by the CCP every time.

If you read the facts presented on the above link with an open mind, you will know the real situation. Hopefully doing so will help clear up the confusion.

As for “Falun Gong cures all diseases,” we don't know where you heard this. This claim may have come from CCP propaganda, as well. Curing diseases is not the goal of practicing Falun Gong; it is a spiritual cultivation of the mind and body.

The main book Zhuan Falun explains it in depth and emphasizes that students should not study the Fa teachings or do the exercises with the pursuit of curing their illnesses. Many practitioners, however, indeed recovered from their ailments. While improved health is often a byproduct of the elevation of mind and body, it is not the result of practicing Falun Gong as a form of therapy.

This is a complex issue that cannot be fully covered with a few words.

One needs to learn the basics and specialized knowledge in every profession to reach a deeper understanding. It is the same with the concepts of cultivation practice and students spend years, and even their entire lives, raising their understanding of such profundities.

Ancient Chinese who sought a good spiritual discipline and master would spend all their time traveling and searching, and they still might not have obtained what they searched for in one lifetime. A lot of the high-level schools only took disciples in private. It's not a far leap to believe that these schools entailed profound knowledge and principles, which are not easily understood by everyone.

Regarding your reference to Falun Gong practitioners' efforts to raise awareness as being hard to accept, we think there is a fundamental difference between sharing information and molding public opinion with the purpose of mind control, which is what the CCP does. The former is word-of-mouth sharing out of goodwill. The latter is political propaganda with malicious intent.

We also recommend you read about the self-immolation hoax and watch the video analysis. Seeing the kinds of tricks and brutality the CCP uses to deceive the public in this particular case is rather revealing.

You may be interested in the results of two informal health surveys conducted a number of years ago, which might serve as anecdotal evidence of health benefits as they relate to Falun Gong:
Report on 235 Cases of a Falun Gong Health Survey in North AmericaFalun Dafa Greatly Improves Health: Survey of over 6,000 Cultivators in Dalian, Liaoning Province

We hope this information has been helpful and that you cherish and enjoy the right to know!