(Minghui.org) I recently noticed some behaviors among fellow practitioners that I found alarming. I would like to point them out, hoping that these practitioners will make corrections and value our last opportunity of making progress in cultivation and offering salvation to sentient beings.

I visited a fellow practitioner in a neighboring county during the Chinese New Year. The practitioner and his young daughter were at home. The little girl climbed on to the sofa as we talked. As soon as she got seated, I was shocked to see the decorations on her shoes were skulls with wings.

I asked her, “Are you afraid when you wear these shoes?” She replied, “Yes, I am,” and told me that her dad had bought them for her.

When she said that the skulls can be easily be removed, I told her to take them off right away and throw them in the trash. She did it straight away. When she came back, I asked if she knew that Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance is good. She replied, “Yes.” I added, “If anyone gives you such dreadful things to wear, you don't have to.” She again answered, “Yes!”

Such incidents happened more than once. The little's girl's father, a fellow practitioner, has slacked off in his cultivation. I visited him several times last year and advised him to stay diligent, but he didn't seem to listen to me. Instead, he was more concerned about making money.

When I mentioned the skull decorations on the shoes to a female practitioner, she told me that she had taken her daughter shopping to buy clothes before the New Year. Her daughter didn't like anything except a shirt with skulls on it. The practitioner didn't want to buy it, but finally gave in and bought her daughter the shirt.

Both the woman and her husband are Dafa practitioners. However, they invited a group of people to gamble and play cards at their home.

I visited another practitioner after the Chinese New Year. He owns a small supermarket and a breakfast booth, and is doing well financially. When I was there, I saw a group of people playing drums and banging a gong in front of his supermarket. They didn't seem to know how to play, and made a lot of noise.

Seeing the chaotic environment made me worry about the state of the fellow practitioner's cultivation. When I asked him about it, he said, “I don't know why, but several businesses have gotten together and bought this huge drum to play.”

I realized that the people there were using the drum to “awaken” the practitioner, so he could offer salvation to them. (In ancient Chinese culture, drums were used to motivate the troops during war.)

We practitioners know our time of cultivation and offering salvation to sentient beings is limited. This period of time has been extended by Master, and time is invaluable.

The above is my limited understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate. Heshi!