(Minghui.org) One of my younger sister's neighbors is an older lady. One day this lady got a phone call telling her about Falun Dafa.

She told my sister, “You know what? After listening to the call for over half-an-hour, I now understand. In fact, Falun Dafa is a Buddhist practice and Falun Dafa practitioners are good people who follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. The Tiananmen self-immolation was staged by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and they lied to us and made up things to broadcast on television. At that time I believed them, but now I understand.

"Because of all that they have done wrong to the Chinese people and Falun Dafa," she continued, “Heaven will soon destroy it.”

My sister asked her, “You did understand. But did you quit the CCP?”

“I did,” she said. “I even thanked the person who called me. They called from so far away.”

Her Husband Benefits

My sister later told me that her neighbor's husband was working elsewhere and staying in a shed with six or seven others. Three nights after her neighbor quit the Party, the shed caught on fire while everyone was sleeping.

However, her husband woke up and got everyone else up. As soon as they got out, the shed collapsed. If they had been just a little bit slower, it would have been catastrophic.

Also, after her neighbor quit her Party membership, her heart disease disappeared. Before, she could not do any physical labor. But her physical condition improved and now she can.

My sister told her, “Because you made the right choice by quitting, the gods now protect your whole family.”

“Dafa is so miraculous!” she said. “I really need to thank Dafa's Master!”

Practitioner in China: My Family Benefits from Simple Words

My in-law had gallstones and had surgery to remove his gallbladder. But a year later he was in pain again, and more stones were discovered.

The doctor suggested a biliary surgery. I went to see him in the hospital and he was very down. “ I don't think I will survive this,” he said. “I'm over 70 years old!”

I tried to comfort him a little and then returned home.

The next morning when I was doing the sitting meditation, I had a thought: “I must save him. I must clarify the facts to him and have him quit the CCP!” So that afternoon, I gathered some materials about Falun Dafa and went to the hospital.

He was on an IV when I got there. I told him that many people who had incurable diseases were cured just by sincerely reciting, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

I asked him to recite these words in his mind over the upcoming days, and if he did it sincerely and with all due seriousness, his stones might indeed disappear.

Some days later, he had another exam, and the stones were gone; he no longer needed to have surgery. The entire family was elated.

He called me after he got home and said that the other patients in the room were amazed. He thanked me again and again.

I told him, “This is what Master told me to do. It is really Master who saved you, so you should thank him!”