Master Encourages Me to Save People

I was arrested after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started to persecute Falun Gong, and my husband (who does not practice) lost his job. With no way to make a living in the city, we moved back to my husband's hometown in the countryside, where he opened a small medical clinic.

I felt very lonely in the countryside. There were not many practitioners around. Villagers often gathered around the clinic to chat, play cards, or even gamble. I tried to talk to them about Falun Gong and the persecution and to advise them to quit the CCP, but they were not interested. Sometimes they even argued with me.

I was very disappointed, and I almost gave up on them. Then I had a dream.

In the dream, I was running down a narrow road, and five or six fierce-looking, large men were chasing me. The road turned into a steep ramp that led down to the ocean. The men got nearer and nearer as I approached the middle of the ramp. I was desperate, and the situation looked hopeless.

I suddenly saw a gentleman sitting at the middle of the ramp. I ran towards him, shouting, "Please help me! They want to kill me!"

All the men chasing me disappeared, and only the gentleman was there, smiling at me. I felt such enormous compassion coming from him, beyond any words I can say. I was surrounded by energy. My panic vanished.

"It will be all right," he said kindly. "You only need to do your part well." He took a package from his pocket and said, "Spread these seeds on this land."

"This land? There is no land here," I thought. When he handed the seeds to me, he waved a hand. Instantly, a large area of terraced fields appeared in front of my eyes. The gentleman was gone. I was alone, standing in the middle of the fields.

When I woke up, I realized that the gentleman in the dream was Master. I cried. I felt so ashamed that I had not done well and that Master had to worry about me. Master very mercifully reminded me that I should save sentient beings.

Evil Defeated

After that dream I looked inward. I tried to eliminate my human attachments, coordinate with other practitioners, and save more people.

In 2013, I was reported to the police for distributing Falun Gong materials. About 12 officers came to my home, but I was not there. My husband stood in the doorway.

When one policeman tried to pry the door open, my husband shouted, "How dare you touch my door! In the past, it was your men who organized them to learn Falun Gong. Now they have gained good health from the practice and you try to stop them? Why should I believe you when you say Falun Gong is bad? I say it is good!

"In fact, I think I want to go to Beijing tomorrow and hold up a banner that says 'Falun Dafa is good!' What are you going to do about that?"

Confronted by my husband's righteous indignation, the policemen's tone immediately softened. But one said, "We are here to take your wife to study."

"Study what?!" shouted my husband again. "It's my business whether my wife is good or bad. It's none of yours!"

The policemen just stood there. My husband started to ask them questions, as though he were interrogating them. He wanted to know what department they were from. "The 610 Office," one officer answered quietly. "Political and Legal Affairs Committee," said another. "The local police station,” said another.

My husband yelled, "You keep coming here to disturb me dozens of times each year! How dare you!" He continued to lecture them. "Do you dare to come again to disturb me?" They all said no.

One police officer who looked like the leader told my husband, "Someone reported your wife. We got an order to search your house and arrest her. Tell her to be more careful next time." Then they left.

Righteous Thoughts Bring about Change

In 2007, another practitioner and I started to print articles from the Minghui website and truth clarification materials in my home. We brought a printer from the practitioner's home to mine, and at first I thought printing materials would not be very difficult.

But the printer, which worked fine in her home, began having a lot of problem in my home. It kept blinking but would not print. I kept having to call the practitioner for help. Sometimes she could not fix it, and we had to spend half-a-day taking the machine to a repair shop.

Although the practitioner never complained about helping me fix the printer over and over again, I started to realize something was wrong. When I looked inward, I realized the printer reflected my cultivation state. When I first took the printer from the practitioner I had told it: "I'm sorry to move you to this place. It's so dusty here. The countryside is not as good as the city."

Was that a righteous thought? I understood: It was my initial non-righteous thought that caused the problem, which wasted a lot of her and my time.

After I came to this realization, I paid more attention to Fa-study, looked inward, and treated everything with righteous thoughts.

One afternoon, the secretary of the local Political and Legal Affairs Committee and another policeman came to my home. I was reading the Fa and making Shen Yun DVDs, and there were printed DVD covers all over my house.

The two men stood behind me, and I had no time to turn off the copy machine or to hide the DVD covers. I immediately asked Master to not let these men see the DVD covers, and I led them to another room. They really did not see the DVDs and the covers. Master protected me!