(Minghui.org) Continued from Part 5

VI. Consequence of Writing Erotic Literature

Quan Ruyu was a nomadic scholar, traveling by sea and always promoting literature featuring compassion. During one of his ventures, the winds suddenly changed directions and sent his boat off course to a mysterious island.

A Taoist emerged from the forest, examined Quan Ruyu, and thoughtfully said to him, “People these days are not very kindhearted but the heavens still prefer those who are genuine and selfless. You have accumulated a lot of virtue by promoting compassion through literature without pursuing anything in return, which is why I have brought you here today.”

He continued, “Through the years, I have witnessed legendary scholars fall into the pits of hell and suffer endless pain because they wrote erotic literature. Come with me and I will enlighten you.”

The Taoist led Quan Ruyu to the underworld. In the sweltering heat, Ruyu was able to make out figures getting slashed, plowed, and fried. When the torture session was completed the figures would morph back to their original form and the process would repeat itself. The Taoist explained, “It is an enormous sin to write and disseminate erotic literature. These people here are serving their sentence and being punished for their involvement with erotic literature.”

“I have seen enough! When does this end!? ” Mr. Quan urged.

The Taoist uttered, “There is no end.”

Quan Ruyu was shocked. After parting with the Taoist, Ruyu made it his life's mission to educate humankind about his experience, warn people of the dangers of erotic literature, and promote benevolence.

This six-part series presented stories of positive results of resisting lust and negative consequences of indulging in lust. The ancient Chinese emphasized etiquette and morality, absolutely banning any sexual relationship between unmarried people or any actions arising from lust. The special bond between a husband and wife is a result of heavenly rules and protocols set in place by divine beings.

Lust is considered a most evil characteristic, as it is a gateway to all other unethical attributes. It is therefore all the more critical to resist and overcome lust in ourselves and align our lives in accordance with the heavenly principles.