(Minghui.org) I have been using every opportunity to tell people about Falun Gong since I retired as a government official a few years back. I often go out to distribute literature bearing information about the Chinese regime's persecution of the practice.

I became a target for the local police, but with righteous thoughts I remain free and continue my efforts to inform the public of the persecution. I ran into danger a few times while out distributing Falun Gong informational materials, but time and again I escaped unscathed, thanks to my firm belief in Master.

Police Chief Warns of Planned Arrest

The local police chief showed up at my house unannounced last July. I was not in that day, so he asked my husband to relay a message to me: call him at the police station and pay him a visit there.

“I will not visit or call him,” I told my husband. After all, I broke no law by telling people how wrong the persecution is. Why should I listen to the police chief? Master has the best arrangement for us, and I will only do what Master requires of us.

The police chief called my home one month later warning my husband of another round of arrests of Falun Gong practitioners, “Keep her at home, as right now it's not safe to be out.”

Officers Leave Us Alone

A fellow practitioner and I were distributing Falun Gong brochures when we were stopped by a police car. It became clear to us that someone had reported us to the police.

Three officers came out of the car. The oldest among them flashed his ID and said, “We are the police!”

My companion kept sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil, while I talked to the officers.

The ID-flashing officer said, “You guys are too audacious. How dare you do this during daytime?”

I responded, “We are simply doing this to help and save people, for their own good.”

He couldn't understand why we went around passing out flyers at our age, “You are both seniors. Why don't you just enjoy your retirement at home?”

I told him that we simply wanted people to know about the regime's relentless persecution of Falun Gong.

He was taken aback when I demanded to know his name, “What? I have not asked for your name yet. How dare you ask for my name!”

I advised him to follow his conscience, as we had done nothing wrong. He confiscated the rest of the Falun Gong materials that we carried and drove away with his two partners. My fellow practitioner and I returned home safely.

“Your call will not go through!”

A fellow practitioner and I were distributing Falun Gong materials in the countryside when we came across a man in his 40's, who kept asking if we were Falun Gong practitioners. After we said yes, he took out his cell phone to make a call.

I said, “Your call will not go through!”

His call indeed didn't go through. My fellow practitioner said to him, “Most of the high-ranking officials who orchestrated the persecution have been arrested already. Who did you try to call? Read our flyer!”

As his companion took a flyer from us, the man put his phone back in his pocket.