(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioners attended the 33rd St. Patrick's Day parade in Ottawa on March 14, 2015. As the largest group among over 30 participating organizations, the Divine Land Marching Band received warm feedback from the audience.

City councilor Bob Monette praised the Divine Land Marching Band's “beautiful melodies.”

Falun Gong practitioners participated in the 33rd St. Patrick's Day parade in Ottawa on March 14, 2015

Parade organizer Bryan Daly was also enthusiastic about the performance, “This band is very, very popular. From its large scale to the nice uniforms, it is great from any angle. Of course, the music is also outstanding.”

He said the organizing committee was glad to invite the Divine Land Marching Band every year. Noticing the uniforms were a little different from previous years, he said, “The uniforms this year seem more traditional.”

Parade organizer Bryan Daly

The parade lasted about one and a half hours, starting from City Hall to Lansdowne Park. One police officer who maintained order gave a thumbs-up to the practitioners, “Your group is the best.”

Diana Nguyen, an immigrant from Vietnam, enjoyed the marching band's performance. “The performance looks extraordinary, including the uniforms, layout, and the strong energy in the music.”

Band leader Alex Zhang explained, “The marching band members are playing the music with their hearts; plus the music is special. That is why it can bring peace and energy to the audience.”

Jean Cloutier, a city councilor who came to the parade for the first time, thanked the the Divine Land Marching Band for its contributions to this and other events in Ottawa.

City councilors Bob Monette amd Jean Cloutier praised the performance