(Minghui.org) During the Chinese New Year, I watched a digital recording of the 2015 Shen Yun performance that was specially produced for mainland China.The performers exuded such a cohesive energy that the phrase “breathtaking” is not adequate to describe the beauty of what I saw.

While I was watching, my human thoughts evaporated and I saw past the surface level performers and backdrops, into a deeper realm. I witnessed countless divine beings displaying their powers, countless of Master's law bodies, celestial maidens spreading flowers, golden dragons, huge phoenixes, heavenly guards, and other divine beings.

Of those divine beings, some were protecting the theater from evil interference, some were ensuring the safety of the performers, some were maintaining the normal production operations, and some were observing the thoughts of the audience.

I have come to understand that as the audience begins registering positive thoughts toward Shen Yun or Falun Dafa, the divine beings will rearrange their future and that of the sentient beings and celestial systems belonging to them.

Every story-based dance in a Shen Yun performance has multiple layers of sophistication, inner meaning, and history; each one is its own full length production, condensed into one single jewel of a number. A prime example, the Chinese classic novel Journey to the West, featuring Sun Wukong the Monkey King, has short passages specifically selected for portrayal on stage.

Historically, gods arranged Sun Wukong to be featured in this mythical novel. Wasn't one of the reasons of this arrangement to let cultivators today understand that they also need a pair of fire eyes with golden pupils that can see through anything and the courage and abilities to eliminate evil beings?

In addition, Dafa disciples also know that Sun Wukong is not a fictitious character but an actual divine being. During the Sun Wukong pieces, I saw the real Monkey King and other related gods appear on stage in support of the performance. Using dance as a universal language, stories from Journey to the West can be conveyed to any audience of any age, regardless of background.

As the audience absorbs the messages expressed by Shen Yun, the gods inscribe their names onto a list of people to be saved. Each and every one of their thoughts is recorded. The same applies to easterners. As long as they erase their polluted notions and the thoughts influence by the propaganda spread by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), they will also wind up on the list of saved people.

Modern people are very complicated. Some are normal humans while some are nonhuman, beings that also take part in the reincarnation system within the Three Realms. However, even for those beings, as long as they have a human body, Master will give them a chance. As long as they have positive notions toward Shen Yun, they are on the list of those saved.

The dance Fable of the Magical Brush reminded me that gods only reward a person with a righteous mind. Only when the mind is proper, will the gifts from the gods function the way they should.

As cultivators, everything was given to us by Master, including wealth, family, knowledge and supernatural abilities obtained through cultivation. Those are all for us to validate the Fa and save people. They are not for us to show off, pursue fame, pursue personal gain, or indulge in lust! Doing so will bring harm to both others and oneself and also ruin the reputation of Dafa.

The dance portraying a monk who gained supernormal abilities to punish evil inspired me. Righteous cultivators can turn any evil being into their puppet, obeying every command, just as long as the cultivator remains righteous.

What touched me the most was the piece entitled Power of Compassion. We have been validating the Fa to this day and by now we should not have any hatred toward evildoers. We should only maintain compassionate thoughts. This is the power of Dafa. Hatred is a human emotion and needs to be gotten rid of. Only compassion can change everything, completely eliminate evil beings, and truly save sentient beings.

In this year's program, there is a new element: the portrayal Jiang Zemin, the original architect of the persecution. Shen Yun used dance to express his hatred toward Dafa and the crimes of persecution. It also depicted his path toward the afterlife.

As the reincarnation of a toad, he obsesses on narcissism and jealousy. Even though he had the CCP and the military at their knees, he was nevertheless attempting to compete with gods. How could he have a blissful end?!

Twelve songs were included in the version of the Shen Yun performance sent to mainland China. These songs, directed toward people lost in the maze of everyday society, awaken them and urge them to treasure this opportunity.

The erhu solo also left a lingering tune in my heart for many days. This divine harmony can penetrate the deepest parts of one's soul and revive memories from many lifetimes ago, planting a new seed of revelation.

These are my personal understandings after watching the special mainland China version of Shen Yun 2015.