(Minghui.org) Every now and then, the Minghui website reports that the Chinese police raid practitioners houses, arrest them and confiscate large amounts of cash and devices for producing truth-clarification materials.

I always feel sad when I read such news, and don't understand why fellow practitioners would keep that much cash at home.

In my area, fellow practitioners never keep large amounts of cash at home. We always get the money right before we need to use it, and only get the amount that's needed.

This way, the practitioner responsible for looking after the money will not feel so much pressure in having large amounts of cash lying around for long periods of time.

Recently, I visited a materials production site in a nearby city, and I believe that we can learn something from the practitioners there.

They rent a suburban house for very little amount of money, less than 100 yuan a month. The unit has several entrances, and practitioners can enter from different directions at different times. Also, only practitioners who are directly involved with producing Falun Gong informational materials know about this place so it's not visited more often than it should.

There is a common saying in China—one should always gain some wisdom after a tribulation. Why can't we learn from our past mistakes? Haven't the old forces taken advantage of our loopholes because we never change our ways of managing our funds and materials production sites? We are Dafa disciples and gain wisdom from the Fa. So, we should be wiser and wiser as time goes by.

I hope that we can minimize our losses, as every practitioner is a precious resource in validating the Fa and saving people. Any loss, material or manpower, will bring losses to our truth-clarification efforts. We are conducting the greatest task in the universe. So, we should be wiser to deny the persecution.

Please correct me, if my understanding deviates from the Fa.