(Minghui.org) I want to share my personal experience of how I benefited from the practice of Falun Gong almost immediately, and the miraculous health benefits other villagers also experienced.

I. I Look and Feel 20 Years Younger After Reading a Few Pages of Zhuan Falun

In 1996 I suffered ailments of the heart and stomach. My husband had to give me a massage every night so I could fall asleep.

That fall, however, things changed. My sister-in-law came for a visit and brought a copy of Zhuan Falun. She asked my husband and I to read it because it was really good.

At first, I was too busy with farm work to read it. At the onset of winter, work eased up and we had more time on our hands. I saw the book and wondered why my sister-in-law liked it so much, so I picked it up and read about 20 pages.

That night a miracle happened to me. All night my body felt like it was bubbling, as if I was continuously releasing gas. The next morning I felt twenty years younger. I was able to straighten up, and my whole body felt great.

My husband and I discussed what had happened to me. “Is this because I read the book that your sister recommended? Let's ask her.”

When we told my sister-in-law about my experience, she was very happy. She said that it was Master purifying my body. She showed me how to do the Falun Gong exercises, and introduced me to other practitioners so that I could join in Fa study and doing the exercises.

II. Sharing the Beauty of Falun Gong with Other Villagers

Soon I learned through Fa study why I had such a miraculous experience. Master said in Zhuan Falun:

“Our exercise sites are better than any other qigong exercise sites. As long as you go to our exercise sites for practice, it is much better than your treating your own illness. My fashen sit in a circle, and above the exercise site is a shield on which there is a big Falun. A large fashen guards the site above the shield. This site is not an ordinary site, and neither is it a site for an ordinary qigong practice: It is a site for cultivation practice. ” (“Lecture Three” from Zhuan Falun)

I got it! Master came to save people, teaching us to cultivate ourselves following the principle of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.” Now I understood why I regained my health and vigor. I wanted to share this with others in my village, so that they could also get relief from their aches and pains.

III. Many Villagers Experience the Health Benefits of Falun Gong

I invited my sister-in-law and other practitioners to my home. We had a nine day Falun Gong workshop for people to watch the complete lectures of Master and learn the exercises. After attending the workshop, some villagers felt Falun rotating in their abdomens. One villager's chronic halitosis went away. Some villagers said pains in their backs and legs disappeared.

One villager had sciatica but could not afford surgery for the problem. At the beginning of the workshop, he could not even bend at his waist. Soon after he started to practice Falun Gong, he completely recovered and was able to do farm work again.

Soon everyone in the village knew about the supernormal health benefits of Falun Gong. People from nearby villages also heard about it. They invited us to teach them the practice.

After the persecution of Falun Gong started in 1999, no matter how many lies were made up by the authorities to slander Falun Gong, people in our villages never accepted them, because they had personally witnessed or experienced the beauty of Falun Gong.