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Looking Back on Master Li's Five Seminars in Guangzhou (Part 3)

March 12, 2015 |  

(Minghui.org) Continued from part 2

Third Seminar: January 6-15, 1994

At the invitation of the Qigong Association of Guangdong Province, Master held his third lecture series in January 1994 at the auditorium of the Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions. About 800 people attended the lectures.

Master arrived early for every lecture. He also told his students to arrive early, avoid making noise with folding chairs, and not to take pictures or notes. He said there was no way to take complete notes of everything. All they needed to do was to concentrate on listening.

At the beginning of each lecture, students stood up and applauded as Master walked onto the stage. Master waved to them and pressed his palms together vertically in front of his chest to greet his students.


Before the first day of class, many students bought the book Zhuan Falun at the door of the auditorium. As soon as Master showed up, he was surrounded by many students, requesting that he sign their books.

Master kindly signed every book. Some students said, “Master is so nice. He wasn't upset even though so many of us approached him at one time.” “Master is so compassionate!”

Master later talked about autographs during one of his lectures. His students gained a deeper understanding and stopped asking for Master's autograph. Master said,

“Some people ask me for my autograph, and I don’t want to give it to them. And then maybe some people tell other folks about how the teacher gave them his autograph, and maybe they want to show it off and want to get protection from the teacher’s messages. Isn’t that another attachment? In cultivation you have to rely on yourself—what are you talking about messages for? Would you care about that stuff when you’ve cultivated to a high level? It’s not worth a cent! That’s only something people care about when they’re in it for healing and fitness.” (Zhuan Falun – the Third Talk)

Opening the Third Eye

Master opened the Third Eye for his students in every lecture series. He told his students some might see other dimensions and some might not see other dimensions. Some might have clear vision and some might have cloudy. He asked students to leave it alone and to not be attached to it.

Some students saw with their Third Eye that Master's body was made of clear white light. Some saw Master's body as clear golden light. They asked Master why. Master said, “People at different levels see things differently.” Some students could see many colorful rotating Falun of different sizes in the auditorium. A huge Falun rotated slowly. A clear light column of the same size as Falun connected to the heaven and the earth. Some students saw clearly an extraordinarily shiny light column on Master's head, and two small cherubs playing above Master's head.

Body Purification

Master purified students' bodies in other dimensions during his last lecture. He asked all students to stand up, stomp their left foot, and then their right foot, and repeat. Those students whose Third Eye was open could see when people stomped, Master cleared away a lot of dark sickness Qi and harmful spirits, which fell off people like dirty trash.

Master made large hand signs on stage after each lecture. Students thought it was beautiful and wanted to learn. Master told them his large hand signs were lectures to beings at different levels of the universe, and students shouldn't be attached to it.

Touring Baiyun Mountain

Master toured Baiyun Mountain at the invitation of his students who were senior government officials in Tianhe District. A group of more than 30 people toured together with Master. They drove to Moxing Peak and passed the relics of Nengren Temple on their way back. Master talked with his students for a while outside of the temple. Students saw Master wave his hands at the Nengren Temple as if clearing away something dirty.

Master's Compassionate Work

The last lecture ended around 4 p.m. Group exercise assistants gathered in front of the stage and went backstage to see Master. Master gave them a special talk. He stressed the importance of the assistants' work and compared their role to that of abbots in temples. Their kindness and merits were beyond bounds. Master asked them to try to establish a group exercise site at every park for the convenience of practitioners.

Master and his wife had dinner with some students at the Overseas Chinese Hotel after the third lecture series. On the way out of the hotel, Master's wife told a student that Master had suffered a lot for the sake of introducing Falun Dafa throughout China. He rarely got a chance to stay at home. According to his wife, Master's lived very simply. He sacrificed all he had for his students. He was happy as long as his students could cultivate well.

(To be continued)