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Second Seminar: October 25 – November 3, 1993

The Guangdong Qigong Association invited Master to give a second seminar, from October 25 to November 3 in 1993. The lectures were delivered in the auditorium of the Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions and was hosted by the Guangzhou Baolin Qigong School. About 700 people attended.

As Master lectured, a practitioner whose third eye was open saw many Buddhas walking around on the stage. When the practitioner asked Master about what he saw, Master said that they were divine beings coming from heaven to help him.

Not Taking Gifts

A practitioner recalled that his chronic ailments disappeared after he attended Master's lectures. To show his gratitude, he bought a box of ginseng and placed it on Master's table. When Master came in for the lecture and found it, he asked whoever gave him the gift to take it back after the lecture. He said that he didn't need anything from us, just the heart to genuinely practice.

Returning Lost Items

Practitioners' character improved quickly after attending just one lecture. When anyone would find a lost item, such as a pen, watch, or even a wallet, the person would turn it in to Master. Master would ask whom the lost item belonged to and the owners would claim it. These incidents occurred often.

Dragons Control the Rain

A practitioner updated Master on the situations of local practitioners in the province. He said that it rained often, so not many practitioners joined the group exercises outdoors.

“Then I will give you two dragons,” Master said.

At the time, the practitioner did not understand what Master meant by his words. He soon discovered a slight change in Guangzhou's weather: It rained very little in the morning and in the evening.

In this way, many practitioners could join the group exercise sessions in the early morning before work or in the evening after work. That practitioner realized that Master was kind enough to arrange dragon kings in charge of the weather to adjust the weather so practitioners could exercise together outdoors. Soon, more and more practitioners came to the outdoor exercises groups.

Photos and Dinner with Master

On October 31 practitioners asked to take a photo with Master after the lecture session. Master agreed without a fuss. He always had a kind smile on his face.

Some practitioners asked Master to eat with them after the lecture. They thought Master was a vegetarian and took him to a vegetarian restaurant. Master told them that he ate what most people would normally eat, except snakes or anything exotic.

(To be continued)