(Minghui.org) My son is a sophomore in college. He used to read the Fa and do the exercises with us at home, and he was very healthy then.

Things changed when he went to college. He lost the cultivation environment that he had at home and started to play video games. When he came home during the summer vacation, he looked pale and tired. During sleep, he had seizures that lasted up to two minutes. He was scared and we asked him to read the Fa and do the exercises with us. After reading and exercising, the symptoms went away.

Back at school, he stopped reading the Fa and doing the exercises. His seizures returned two months later.

My son was addicted to video games and could not control himself when he was not with us. So I took him to the hospital, and after a checkup, the doctor told him that his condition was due to computer radiation. The doctor said that video games make the brain too excited, which can cause nerve damage. The doctor recommended that he not play video games.

During his winter vacation, I read the Fa with him and he soon returned to normal. His face looked clear and rosy.

He said Dafa was amazing and decided not to play games again.