(Minghui.org) As the 2015 Shen Yun season unfolds, practitioners in many regions are working hard to promote the classic Chinese dance and music show so that more people can be saved. However, ticket sales in some regions were not ideal. Some practitioners wondered why they put in more effort this year, yet saw less desirable outcomes.

Since Shen Yun has visited my city several times, we've accumulated some experience in Shen Yun promotion. In particular, I'd like to share two recent incidents that had totally different outcomes because of our cultivation state.

It is my understanding that as long as we have a pure heart and maintain strong righteous thoughts, the power of Dafa will naturally manifest itself, and we will be able to save more people.

A Lesson Learned Late Last Year

One afternoon before the Christmas holiday last year, I went to distribute Shen Yun flyers in a high rise office building near my workplace. I started from the top floor of the 60-story building and took the elevator as I worked my way down.

When I was about halfway through, I began to encounter a lot of rejections. One receptionist told me point blank that I shouldn't have been there in the first place.

As many companies complained about me, the security guard eventually removed me from the building. I had only finished two-thirds of the floors by then.

Looking back, I realized that I was consumed with numerous attachments and failed to summon strong righteous thoughts. I did send forth righteous thoughts along the way, but my mind was not pure enough. I passed out flyers for the purpose of doing it and just wanted to finish my job quickly.

I had a vacation lined up, so I was also thinking about how to enjoy the holiday together with my family. Worse, I was being selfish, as I was secretly hoping that my flyer distribution efforts would be rewarded with a new job.

A Positive Experience This Year

Having learned my lesson last year, I made sure to maintain strong righteous thoughts during Shen Yun promotion this year.

To enable more people to know about Shen Yun, our local practitioners decided to distribute Shen Yun flyers in outlying towns this year.

The day before the show, we went to cover a small town. When we arrived, it was time to send righteous thoughts globally. I added one thought to disintegrate all evil factors that could interfere with our efforts to save sentient beings in this town. My fellow practitioners also sent strong righteous thoughts.

We posted more than 80 flyers within a few hours that day.

In retrospect, we were able to achieve a good outcome because our minds were pure and sincere before we started the task. We just wanted to tell people about the beauty of Shen Yun and to lay a good foundation for their future. We were also confident that the power of Shen Yun would help clean up that small town in other dimensions and enable more residents to assimilate to the Fa.