(Minghui.org) Police in Dandong City arrested 61-year-old practitioner Ms. Xin Guiqin (辛桂琴) in September 2014, for distributing Falun Gong literature. She was tried on November 19, and pleaded not-guilty.

The Yuanbao District Court judge acknowledged that the persecution was wrong, and did not announce a verdict that day.

A month later, in December, Ms. Xin's family learned that she had been sentenced to a year in prison. Her family recently learned that she was experiencing fainting spells, vomiting blood, and having blurred vision, due to being tortured in the detention center. She was nevertheless scheduled to be taken to the Shenyang Women's Prison without possibility of bail.

Officers from the Xingdong Police Station arrested Ms. Xin on September 18, 2014, for distributing Falun Dafa DVDs, and took her to the Dandong City No. 1 Detention Center that day.

Six officers went to her home and conducted a search without a warrant. But when her daughter refused to open the door, the officers threatened to get a fire truck and enter her home through the windows. After the police got inside, they confiscated Ms. Xin's computer, DVDs, and Falun Dafa books and photos, and said they planned to use the materials as evidence against Ms. Xin.

Perpetrators in Ms. Xin's most recent arrest and trial:Du Guojun (杜国军), captain of the anti-cult team of Dandong City: +86-415-2103392 (Office), +86-415-3991350 (Home), +86-15841563592 (Cell), +86-13842503900 (Cell)Bi Keshan (毕克山), captain of the out-of-town research team of Dandong: +86-415-2103382 (Office), +86-415-3193435 (Home), +86-13841510055 (Cell)Xingdong Police Station:Wang Xin (王欣), deputy director: +86-415-2823556 (Office)The Yuanbao District Court in Dandong:Ning Wei (宁伟), director: +86-13942587528 (Cell), +86-415-7187528 (Home)Dandong Detention Center:Wang Jing (王晶), director: +86-415-2885068 (Home), +86-415-6250326 (Office), +86-18840500006 (Cell), +86-13050397788 (Cell)

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