(Minghui.org) The Hubei Province Women's Prison is the only prison in Hubei Province that imprisons only women. It also detains many Falun Gong practitioners.

Putting unknown substances into meals is one of the methods it uses to torture practitioners.

Ms. Wang Qingying was held in the Hubei Province Women's Prison in 2012. She developed abnormal physical reactions, became very weak, felt dizzy, and could not see well. Her legs were swollen, she had no feeling in her heels, and was too weak to climb or descend a flight of stairs.

A prisoner who was ordered to monitor Ms. Wang brought her a bowl of rice. She noticed white powder in the rice. She refused to eat it. Five prisoners forced her down, tried to open her mouth and broke a front tooth in the process. The five prisoners, worried that their illegal action would be exposed, stopped. Ms. Wang got her own food and her physical condition improved.

Another 38-year-old practitioner, was sentenced to a six-month prison term on September 28, 2002. She was healthy when she was taken to the prison, but in critical condition within one month. She was at the brink of death after another 15 days. Her legs were swollen and she could not stand and walk. She was taken to a hospital.