(Minghui.org) In this report, we present a selection of 31 greetings sent from Falun Dafa practitioners who live in the rural areas of different regions including:

• Harbin, Heilongjiang Province• Handan and Wuan, Hebei Province• Huludao, Liaoning Province• Nanhui, Shanghai• Tangshan, Hebei Province• Qingdao and Jiaozhou, Shandong• Baoding, Anguo, Hebei Province• Baochi, Tianjin• Lanzhou, Gansu Province• Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province• Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province• Weifang, Shandong Province• Deyang, Sichuan Province• Qingdao, Laixi, Shandong Province• Laiwu, Shandong Province• Langfang, Hebei Province• Hengshui, Shenzhou, Hebei Province• Kaijiang, Sichuan Province• Yongji, Jilin Province

Practitioners from a Fa-study group wrote, “Master, you have worked hard. We will work doubly hard in the new year to repay what you've given us.”

Another group of practitioners wrote, “Master, thank you for looking after us every minute and every second. Without your guidance, we would never be able to overcome all our tribulations. In the new year, we will practice cultivation solidly, keep reading the Fa, look within ourselves, and save more people.”