(Minghui.org) I was one of four practitioners who went to a rural area on December 23, 2014. The oldest of the group were 78 and 72 years old, and the youngest was 49.

We had with us about 50 large Falun Dafa calendars, a few dozen Shen Yun performance DVDs, some booklets with information about Falun Dafa, amulets, “Falun Dafa is Good” stickers, and some banners.

After we arrived at the first village, we walked from one side to the other. We distributed our Dafa materials, sent forth righteous thoughts, and told people about the benefits of quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliates.

After we helped two people quit the CCP, an older lady asked us what we were doing. We replied that we were there to bring the people good news.

She said: “You are Falun Dafa practitioners, right? You've really got guts to do this during the day. You not only distribute materials but also talk to people! Aren’t you afraid that you will be arrested?”

We told her that what we were doing was to help all the people in the village have a bright future. “Isn’t that something very wonderful?” we asked. She then left us alone.

Another older woman understood what we were doing and followed us wherever we went. She even looked for people and asked them to listen to us.

We gave a calendar to another person and helped her to quit the CCP and its affiliates. She was very happy and called to some others, “All of you, come on out! Dafa practitioners are here to save you!”

Everyone was happy to receive the materials. Some people yelled, “Falun Dafa is good!”

We told people about the consequences of not quitting the party: “The CCP forces people to believe in atheism and to fight against the divine. It is a true evil cult and heaven will destroy it. If you have joined, then you must quit—only then will you be protected. If you do not quit, on the day it's destroyed, you may be destroyed along with it.”

Six or seven people quit on the spot.

There was a large gathering at another house. Four people quit after we told them about Falun Dafa and the need to quit the communist party.

We talked to another person about Dafa, and he said, “I am a CCP member. I really like to read your materials, but I don’t want to quit the party.” We gave him more details about why it was important to separate himself from the party.

“I understand now,” he said. “And I am willing to quit.”

That day we walked through two villages and helped more than 30 people quit the CCP. After we walked out of the last village, a fellow practitioner said, “I see the character Fa walking in front of us. It is leading us on our path.”

It is indeed the Dafa that guides us. And we can only do well if we follow It.