(Minghui.org) The culture of China's communist party advocates reckless behavior and belligerence, summed up with the famous quote, “I'm a scoundrel. I'm not afraid of anyone!” This is the opposite of what Chinese traditional culture emphasizes: modesty, elegance, virtue and compassion.

I would like to share my observations regarding the manifestations of Party culture among fellow Chinese practitioners. These issues warrant our attention and require a solution.

First, we often either openly fight or elevate simple disputes into complex mind games.

For example, a practitioner may take advantage of others’ preferences and say to them what is pleasing to hear during group discussions. On the surface, this practitioner may be complimenting others, however, he or she is really conspiring to cut off others or divert the original plan or schedule.

Second, I have seen practitioners flattering, campaigning, forming small circles, or suppressing others. Some even try to strengthen their influence during a dispute by campaigning to the “neutral” group. Chinese practitioners with a similar background may agree on their own agenda prior to the meeting, then force their agenda onto the group.

Those outside of the “circle” may censor themselves or give up participation. Conflicts occur when different practitioners fight for the favor of the coordinator. Another CCP culture archetype will simply delay everything. They say “yes” on the surface, but put the project on the back burner. This hinders the project from gaining any support or momentum.

Some coordinators lack dedication and dodge accountability when problems occur, simply blaming “the group environment.” Coordinators absolutely should not retaliate on practitioners who disagree with their personal opinions or decisions.

A practitioner once experienced severe “sickness karma” and asked for others' help in sending righteous thoughts. Upon her recovery, others asked her if she had looked inward. She hesitated and said, “I have never truly shared my understanding in this Fa study group, not even once.”

I was shocked but understood her. It is no surprise that we do not understand other practitioners’ thoughts. Some haven't even had a chance to voice their thoughts at the local group Fa study for years. Other practitioners negatively commented on the local cultivation environment after attending activities in other countries.

We need to care about fellow practitioners’ thoughts and encourage them to share their ideas and opinions. Some practitioners don't respect others and always try to speak on behalf of others during group discussions. This has caused fellow practitioners to think that the group Fa studies aren’t an effective part of cultivation improvement. Therefore, they stopped attending the sessions. This phenomenon will negatively impact new practitioners even more so.

The above is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.