(Minghui.org) In this report, we present a selection of 24 greetings including messages, home made cards and poems received from young practitioners who live in the following regions in China:

• Jilin Province• Daxing, Heilongjiang Province• Shandong Province• Deyang, Sichuan Province• Jiangmen and Enping City, Guangdong Province• Rongcheng, Shandong Province• Ningbo, Zhejiang Province• Zhoukou, Henan Province• Pingquan, Hebei Province

A practitioner from Deyang City, Sichuan Province sent in the following greeting message: “Thank you Master for your guidance in the past year. I like to study and practice cultivation. I made a big improvement and came in top three in class. I learned to be considerate towards others too. As I get older, I am more aware of my responsibility – to save sentient beings. In the new year, I will do better in the things required of a Dafa disciple. Happy New Year, Master!”