(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioners Mr. Yu Jinguang and his wife Ms. Chen Fang received an unexpected visitor, head of the Xianning City 610 Office Yao Xiong. Yao had brought them some groceries.

In their conversation, Yao attempted to persuade the couple to give false evidence against another practitioner, Ms. Tao Xizhen, using the groceries as a bribe.

Ms. Tao, in her 60s, was arrested on August 8, 2014. She was detained at Wuhan Brainwashing Center, where six other practitioners were also held. The six practitioners were later released, but Ms. Tao was transferred to a detention center after two months of persecution.

The police issued an arrest warrant for Ms. Tao on November 12 and submitted her case to the procuratorate. The procuratorate returned her case to the police, citing insufficient evidence.

Unwilling to release her, the police and 610 Office staff harassed the six practitioners detained with her. They pressed the practitioners to give false evidence against Ms. Tao. All of them refused.

The police are now trying to get other practitioners to give false evidence against Ms. Tao. She is currently detained at Xianning Detention Center.

Perpetrators' Contact Information:
Yao Xiong (姚雄), head of Xianning City 610 Office: +86-13886509329
Liu Hongzhou (刘红洲), director of Xianning City Police Department and deputy mayor: +86-13907241380, +86-18995827182

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