(Minghui.org) I have come to realize on my cultivation path that Master is always by our side, watching over and protecting us from harm, as long as we place our complete trust in Him and do well the three things.

I wanted to write some little things that happened to me, but hesitated. Fellow practitioners encouraged me, saying, “We write not to validate ourselves, but to report to Master, to thank Him and to validate Dafa.”

A Close Encounter at a Toll Station

I was driving my car to distribute truth-clarification materials to fellow practitioners one night about nine o'clock.

When I was approaching the toll station, I noticed a troop of heavily armed security police waiting around.

It was completely unexpected. However, I didn’t panic.

I thought, “What I’m doing is something good and righteous. The truth clarification materials are the fruits of fellow practitioners’ labor to be used to save sentient beings. No one is worthy to put a finger on them. Moreover, it’s not good for these security police to unwittingly do bad deeds.”

I kept driving, but quickly and discreetly pushed the package of truth clarification materials under the passenger’s seat.

Before I could bring my car to a complete stop in front of the toll station, a number of the police had already rushed over and had me surrounded.

I calmly rolled down the window, and asked quietly and conversationally, “What’s going on?”

One of the security officers ordered, "Get out of your car. This is a spot check!"

I responded slowly: "What's there to check?"

At that moment, an officer walked up and greeted me, "Hey, auntie, you’re out late!"

I recognized him as the husband of a co-worker. I promptly answered, "Oh, I’m on my way to meet some friends. What are you guys doing?"

He turned to his fellow officers and said, "This is my aunt. She’s okay.”

Then he turned back to me, “It’s getting late. Go, take off."

I took off without hesitation.

The security police’s presence was rather intimidating, but I didn’t give it much mind because I believe Master always watches out for His disciples who put their trust in Him.

And indeed He did. Thank you, Master!

Doing Exercises in the Park

My husband suggested one day after dinner, "It’s so rare you’re free in the evenings. Let’s go out and do a little walking exercise in the park."

When we arrived at the park, I said, "OK. You, go walk around for your exercise. I’ll stay here to do mine."

The park was bustling with people, some walking around and some dancing to music. My husband joined the walkers.

I turned on my walkman and started my standing exercises. Soon, I was lost in Dafa’s music and became oblivious to everything around me.

By the time I finished, my husband returned.

He said to me, “You're really something. You’re so brave to practice Falun Gong under the watchful eyes of a large crowd. Aren’t you afraid?"

I told him, "There is nothing to fear. In other countries, practitioners do free public demonstrations of these exercises. People love the calming music and the gentle movements. Many watch, some actually decide to learn. Here, if others can do their dance workouts, why can’t I do my Falun Gong exercises?”

He thought for a bit in silence, and agreed that what I said was correct and quite reasonable.

Since then, whenever I'm free at home in the evenings, we would go to the park where he does his walking and I do my exercises.

Clarifying the Truth with a Pure and Righteous Heart

Our region recently experienced some interference. A lot of shopping malls, supermarkets, currency traders, and others refused to accept banknotes with truth clarification words on them.

I personally have never stopped using these banknotes. In fact, every time I go shopping, I would use them, and if these banknotes were rejected, whether it was the market, gas stations, toll stations, taxis, food stalls, subway, shopping malls, or restaurants, I would take the opportunity to clarify the facts about Faun Gong and about the persecution.

I once ran into a hawker selling fruits at a traffic light, I asked him, "Do you accept banknotes with Falun Gong and related words on them?"

The hawker told me, "I don’t any more as it’s not allowed. The banks also require paying a registration fee for depositing that kind of money."

I tried to explain, "Those banknotes are legal tender and good money. Why won’t you take them? I know of a lady who sells bean curd. She often accepts these banknotes. As a result, her business flourishes and is better than all others. Everybody in our neighborhood wants to buy from her. When you get these banknotes, make sure you read the words carefully. Try to understand what the words say and mean, that will bring you good luck and good blessings.”

He said, “Oh, really? I’ll accept them as long as they are not fake.”

I continued to tell him about Falun Gong and the truth behind the persecution. Also I told him about the staged Tiananmen self-immolation incident, how Falun Gong has spread to more than one hundred countries and regions in the world, and how the Chinese Communist Party is the only one to suppress Falun Gong.

I then explained to him the reason for and significance of renouncing the Communist Party and withdrawing from all its affiliated organizations.

He told me "I have only been with the Young Pioneers. Would you please help me withdraw from it?" A life was saved. I was happy for him.

Thank you, Master, for arranging for me to meet with people with predestined relationships.

Udumbara Flowers Bloomed on My Car

I once was finishing up washing my car. I noticed from a distance, something white that looked like a spider web at the left rear door. I thought I had somehow missed a spot, so I took a rag intending to wipe it off.

Upon close inspection, the spider web turned out to be three strains of white Udumbara flowers. I was so excited, and I put my palms together in front of my chest and thanked Master for his gift and encouragement.

I promised Master that I would strive to be much more diligent and weigh my every thought and notion against Dafa. I would also do well the three things, and that I would use my car effectively in all I do to save sentient beings.

Thank you, Master!Thank you, fellow practitioners!