(Minghui.org) I wish to share with fellow practitioners some Fa principles I have recently come to understand. Actually, what I wish to talk about covers several aspects, but I believe that they revolve around a single principle.

Master reminds us in almost all of his lectures that we always need to think of others first, and be selfless and altruistic. Also, Master told us many times that the old universe is fundamentally selfish, whereas the new universe will be based on altruism. I read the Fa many times, and I am very familiar with this part of Master's teaching. But, in daily life, I often forget that I should think of others first. This is strange, as I know Master's Fa very well. Why can't I apply this Fa principle in real life?

Attachments Hinder Consideration for Others

At my current level of cultivation, I realized that all kinds of attachments, of which Master told us to let go, are related to the difficulty of not being able to think of others first.

For example, when a car crosses some lanes and tries to cut in front of me, my first thought is to not let him or her in. This action is not based on the Fa principles, and I should let people get in front of me. Yet, I keep forgetting. Sometimes, even if I remembered the Fa principle and let the driver get in front of me, I feel uncomfortable, because I could not tolerate it. I never understood why, and could not pass this test until recently.

I now understand that this is due to my attachments, such as competitiveness, showing off, and my belief that everyone should stay in line without cutting in front of others. Of course, a cultivator should not handle things based on everyday people's principles. If I continue to hold on to these attachments, how can I think of others first? I realized that if I can let go of one attachment, I would do better on one Fa principle; if I let go of all attachments, I would be able to follow all Fa principles.

Whether one can think of others first also shows if one has reached the Fa standard of the new universe. The purpose of our clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa is to save people, so that they have a chance to enter the new universe. But, if we cannot reach the criteria of the new universe, how can we save people with the approaches from the old universe? Many practitioners have found that when we correct our thoughts during any situation, the situation around us would change immediately.

Old Forces Stuck on Old Fa Principles

The old forces cannot let go of the Fa principles of the old universe. Whatever they do is based on selfishness. One must follow Master's Fa to cultivate, if one wants to understand what real righteous enlightenment of selflessness and altruism is.

The beings in the old universe treat lives below their level based on the standard that “the principles at my level cannot be damaged.” They measure everything based on the principles they enlightened to in the old universe. It appears righteous, but it is fundamentally selfish, because their purpose is to protect the principles and criteria of the old universe. It deviates from the requirement of Dafa.

We need to ask ourselves: are we validating the Fa or ourselves when clarifying the truth about Dafa and saving people? We should follow the requirements of the new cosmos and not our own understandings. Otherwise, we cannot do well in saving people, because we are taking the path the old forces have taken. If everyone is attached to his or her own criteria, he or she will deviate from the Fa further and further, and the lives in his or her world will worsen.

Master Came to Guide Cultivation

At each level of the universe, lives at lower levels are worse than those at higher levels. This goes on all the way to the Three Realms, where human beings live. This environment is bad, but this is the only place in the universe where lives can cultivate. It was created by Master. Master also created the Fa, which requires selflessness. If one's behavior deviates from this requirement, his or her level will drop, and in the end he or she will be destroyed. But Master created the mechanism by which a life can cultivate and go back to his or her true self. Meanwhile, Master came to this earth to rectify the Fa and guide our cultivation.

It is beyond the imagination of the lives in the old universe that one can cultivate in the old universe and move over to the new universe. Master has said that the achievements we accrued throughout history are enough for us to reach consummation. My understanding is that the criteria of that kind of consummation is from the old universe. If we want to enter the new universe, we must assimilate to Dafa.

Assimilating to Dafa means that we think of others first, reach the realm of selflessness and altruism, and finally attain the righteous enlightenment that will never decay. This will allow the beings in our world never to decay. If every practitioner can reach this realm, the new universe will never decay.

We should not be selfish and egoistical, because the purpose of our cultivation is to save sentient beings during the Fa-rectification.