(Minghui.org) On the evening of December 26, 2014, I headed to a fellow practitioner's home to make truth-clarification banners. As I was crossing a road, a car hit me. I flew to the ground and lost consciousness immediately. A witness who lived nearby happened to know my family and rushed to notify my husband.

My husband, also a Falun Dafa practitioner, arrived and saw me lying in a pool of blood. None of the bystanders believed I would survive. My husband, however, was calm. "Why didn't you ask Master to help you?" he said, while I was unconscious.

Upon arrival at the hospital, the check-up revealed that I had incurred a number of serious injuries: Both my legs were broken into three pieces, and the bones were making grinding sounds internally; my pelvis, shoulders, and backbone were cracked; my ribs were broken; two of my fingers were broken; and my cervical vertebra was broken in two. I remained unconscious for nine days.

Upon waking up, I immediately asked to go home. My son advised me to stay in the hospital. I told him, "I have my Master, so I will be fine." The doctors said I might die or lapse into a vegetative state if I did not have surgery for the broken cervical vertebra. It was recommended that my family take me to Beijing for the surgery since the local hospital was not well-equipped.

After being hospitalized for 13 days, I returned home. As soon as I arrived, I asked my family to take off my neck brace. Three days later, I asked them to remove the two 100-kg traction devices around my ankles. On the fifth day, I started to get out of bed to use the restroom. A month later, I could walk to the door with the support of a stool.

My brother suggested that I make a cast for my legs in order to help the broken bones heal, and my husband wanted to buy me a crutch. "No, I don't need to use ordinary people's healing methods," I said. "I have my Master."

During this difficult period, I did the Falun Dafa exercises as much as I could. While lying in bed at the hospital, I tried to perform the motions from the first, second, and third exercise sets. After the leg traction devices were removed, I asked my family to help me to sit up; leaning on a folded comforter, I tried to do the fourth set. The pain was unbearable; it was even difficult for me to press my hands together in the “Heshi” position.

By the 25th day, I was standing and doing the exercises. I had to lean on my bed to support myself, which was difficult, and my clothes were soaked in sweat after each set. I could not bend down for the fourth set, so I sat on a low stool to do the movements. Yet after another week, I was able to stand and do the fourth set.

A month after the accident, I started to try the fifth set, the sitting meditation. Both of my lower legs were broken, with parts of bones protruding from my skin. I started by bending my left leg and having my right leg stretched straight. Five days later, I thought I would try to take my right leg up. I was successful, and I sat in single lotus position. After ten days of sitting in this position, a practitioner visited and asked if I could do double lotus position. After she left, I tried to slowly move my left leg closer and closer, eventually moving it all the way on top of my right leg. I succeeded again!

This was precisely the time for sending righteous thoughts. I sent righteous thoughts in the double lotus position for 15 minutes, and I ended up feeling very good. Thus, I continued sending righteous thoughts for another 15 minutes, then another 15 minutes after that. I had a folded comforter on my back and a pillow on my chest for support. It was painful, but ultimately, I succeeded in double lotus sitting! After that, I often sat in the position for up to an hour and half at a time.

As I lay in bed daily, I cried and pleaded: “Master, please help me stand up! I want to go out to save people. How can I save anyone by lying in bed all day?”

Two months after the accident, I tried to walk without any support. I fell down and ended up lying flat on the living room floor. I was not hurt but could not get up. Some practitioners who were visiting helped me. After that setback, I practiced walking every day. Each time, I could see signs of improvement.

I started to go out by sitting on other practitioners' tricycles. I went on trips every day to spread the truth about Falun Gong and advise people to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

One day, about two-and-half months after the accident, my husband, my sister, and I were heading to a local fair. I was left sitting on my husband's tricycle, while he and my sister left in different directions to distribute truth-clarifying fliers. Within just a few minutes, a salesman nearby agreed to quit the CCP. As I continued sitting there, I called to passersby and gave them Shen Yun DVDs.

In a short time, I succeeded in helping more than 20 people quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. When my sister returned, she was very surprised that I had managed to help so many people in such a small time without even moving. She had only helped five people to quit during that time. Both of us knew it was like a miracle!

My brother is also a practitioner. When I was in the hospital, he called my son and his wife, and my daughter and her husband together and told them that they should not use the accident as an excuse to extort money from the driver who ran into me. "You won't know what you are going to lose if you extort money from other people," he told them. My children and their spouses all agreed not to seek financial reparations from the driver and his family.

When I asked to leave the hospital, I told the driver of the car, "I'm leaving. If I stay longer, you would need to pay much more. It could end up being hundreds of thousands of yuan." The driver was concerned and told me that I was in no condition to leave the hospital. I told him that I would be fine, that I had my Master to take care of me.

I stayed in the hospital for a total of 13 days. The driver's family paid for the hospital fee and medication costs. We did not ask for any more money, nor did we tell them about other additional costs. They were very grateful, but I told them that they should thank Master Li Hongzhi instead. They also all agreed to withdraw from the CCP.

Today, I am completely recovered. Even my legs, where broken bones had pierced my skin, look as if nothing had happened. I often walk 5 miles a day for truth-clarification work.

I am so grateful for Master's help. Master has given so much to me! I am really indebted to my precious fellow practitioners who helped me through these tribulations.