(Minghui.org) I had not participated in any Fa study group since 2000. I thought about forming a group with other practitioners but never did. I had a lot of excuses and a lot of attachments! I was afraid of being persecuted, and, as a result, I wasted time that I should have used to do the three things well.

A veteran practitioner invited me to join a Fa study group in 2013. I was happy about it at first, but then found excuses to decline. I felt that a regular schedule was too constraining and would affect my leisure time. The practitioner kept inviting me, and I kept declining. Finally, I agreed to attend.

While I was with the group, a practitioner said to me, “Today, perhaps you were reluctant to take the time to attend our study group, but soon you will feel uncomfortable if you do not study the Fa every day.”

Our group meets at the home of a fellow practitioner. It is small but clean, and there is a photo of Master on the wall. There is a Falun image on either side of the photo. We sit on the floor on mats. I often used to use three mats: one to lean against the wall with, one to sit on, and one under my legs. Sometimes I even took a fourth mat to lay down on for a while before study began. Looking back, I am ashamed of my behavior. None of the other practitioners gave me a hard time.

Thank you, fellow practitioners, for your forbearance and positive influence in helping me to come back to Dafa.

During group study, I noticed a practitioner who studied the Fa with her legs in the double lotus position. I asked her if it was difficult, and she told me that it was more comfortable than sitting with her legs uncrossed. Her voice was soothing, calm, and full of energy. Her energy dissolved the negative elements within me and made me feel at ease. I told her I benefited from listening to her read.

I found that I gained a lot when I shared with other practitioners. One practitioner suggested I sit up straight when I studied the Fa. Another encouraged me to read with my full heart. One day while listening to the others read the Fa, I felt every word go deep into my heart. It was amazing.

However, I still did not have the right attitude toward Fa study. I did not like it when anyone corrected my pronunciation or told me I missed a word. Sometimes I even got annoyed and thought mispronunciation was not a big deal, since the meaning was the same. I tried to read every word correctly, but the result was not pleasing to the ear. I would become especially nervous if the practitioner who had previously corrected me was there.

One day, I opened the book Zhuan Falun and was shocked at what I saw. Behind each word was the image of a Buddha. Each word appeared on a Buddha's chest. Ever since that experience, I am no longer casual about reading the Fa. I pay attention and do not engage in conversation while we are reading.

I now also prepare myself for Fa study, so I do not need to go to the restroom or need to drink water while we are reading. I sit up straight with my legs crossed. I then read each word with a pure heart.

One day after we read Hong Yin, a practitioner told me that every word I read had the sweet sound of a bell, with good energy. Such energy can dissolve bad substances and purify us. This is a benefit of studying the Fa seriously.

I have enlightened a lot during group study. I can sense that we are at different levels. Everyone who attends benefits from this righteous field. Sometimes the energy from group study helps me break through to a higher level. Sometimes I share with other practitioners afterwards. I benefit from hearing their thoughts even though our understandings are different. Some practitioners are very quiet, but I feel they are cultivating very solidly. They help other practitioners silently. They also look lightly on fame and fortune.

I have enhanced my righteous thoughts and removed many attachments. I try my best to be a good person in society and be a diligent Dafa disciple. I look inward and find my own weaknesses, even when I think other people are wrong. I now ask myself if I should be more tolerant, and I realize each practitioner has his or her own strengths.

Thank you, Master, for helping me understand this. Fellow practitioners, please correct me if there is anything inappropriate.