(Minghui.org) Many Falun Dafa practitioners in China have been persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) since 1999. Some have to lead a very difficult life as a result.

A common misconception about Falun Gong by many Chinese people is that practitioners are elderly or from a poorer segment of society. Many of these people who hold these thoughts also see themselves as the social elite. They believe that their thoughts, which are in fact developed through brainwashing by the Chinese Communist Party, are clear on the subject of Dafa. Therefore, they are unwilling to listen to and accept the facts about Dafa.

From All Walks of Life

When I clarified the facts about Dafa to a friend, I said that many high-ranking government officials, intellectuals, foreign students, experts, and professors practice Dafa. He was surprised.

“So many high-ranking people practice Falun Dafa?” he asked. “Such people are not stupid and not easily fooled, so it seems there should be some truth in Dafa.” He thus developed a favorable view of Dafa.

When those who place high value on social status realize that people of the upper and middle echelon of society also practice Dafa, they agree that what we say is justified.

Master said:

“Now of course, speaking of living conditions, if Dafa disciples have that allotted fortune then they’re free to enjoy it. Master isn’t directing you to be poor the way the evil CCP would have it. So, life and conditions are generally much better for Dafa disciples outside of China. That’s the reality.” (“2012 International Fa Conference at the U.S. Capital”)

Deny Financial Persecution

Helping people understand the truth about Falun Gong is an important reason for us to deny the financial persecution by the old forces and to establish a positive image in ordinary society.

In our region, several young couples were severely persecuted at the onset of the persecution, and they were fired from their jobs. Now, they are in business for themselves. It was not easy going at first. After practitioners realized that they should not be poor, and should have good fortune so they can present a good image, their businesses went well.

Many now have considerable financial leverage. At least in terms of clarifying the truth, they have the funds, and their living conditions improved significantly. Ordinary people saw that practitioners were different because they could survive disaster, and their businesses are doing well. Therefore, they say that practitioners are blessed by gods and that practitioners are great.

Practitioners Can Be Trusted

I am a high-ranking executive and involved in important company decisions and projects. There are many who would use such a position to gain a lot of additional income through bribes. Yet my boss knows that I am a cultivator, so he feels absolutely assured that I will not do anything to harm the company's interest.

Still, my colleagues wondered why our boss thinks highly of me.

“One must be of good character,” I said. “There are a lot of capable people, but it is difficult to find someone with a good character. Some people ask for rebates, and some transfer company projects to their own businesses. Our company employed such a person in the past. But I am a Dafa practitioner—a good person in all aspects of life—and I never do immoral things.”

When I talked to a new employee about Dafa, some people were influenced by the Party’s propaganda and remained skeptical until they learned that I also practiced Dafa. I told them that many people practice Dafa, and the number once even exceeded that of the CCP membership in 1999. However, when Jiang Zemin became jealous of Dafa's popularity, he launched persecution and slander campaign against the practice.

Persecution Avoided

I have some influence in our company. Yet, once an official from a department that persecuted Dafa wanted to get me in trouble.

“He does a good job,” someone from another department said to him. “Why do you stir up trouble against him? Don't you talk about social harmony? How can we be harmonious if we persecute him?”

Then, the official stopped and said that he knew what to do in the future. After this, I was no longer harassed by police.

Practitioners Are Good People

Everyone, including my friends, colleagues, customers, and suppliers, know that I do not smoke, drink, gamble, see prostitutes, or covet money. Nowadays, in the business world, it is difficult to be pure, so they were all amazed that I am so different from everyone else.

For more than a decade, no one has been able to lead me astray. I tell everyone in my life that if I did not practice Dafa, I would also go astray like everyone else in society. But since I practice Falun Dafa, I know how to be a good person.

Fired and Recalled

I was once fired but they called me back. They realized that I survived the persecution. The image of being suppressed at the beginning of the persecution thus disappeared in their minds, and it is easy for me to talk to them about Dafa. My colleagues feel as if Dafa has been vindicated.

My parents are also very supportive of my practice. Although they underwent several CCP campaigns, they accepted that I practice Dafa and that I hold a firm belief in this cultivation practice.

I am not intimidated. I have a good job and bought a new house for my parents. My son is well-educated, and my parents are happy with their lot.